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VMworld 2009 Right Around The Corner

Next month (yes, next month!) the big show starts. I am very excited for VMworld 2009 in San Francisco. Last month saw quite the drama regarding VMware's provisioning and it got people talking, but the furor has quieted down for now. Truth is, this is going to be VMware's show and the center of the virtualization world will be in San Francisco.

The obvious point is that vSphere is out. Surely there will be plenty material touting its superiority to the competition, but what we don't know is what will the exciting announcements be during the show? I can tell you that VMware is busy planning the announcements as well as actively planning an action-packed conference.

If you haven’t been to VMworld before, here are a couple of expectations to set for yourself:

  • This is not specific to training. VMworld is not a week-long course to administer vSphere. VMworld is a collection of all things related to virtualization. The sessions and labs can be detailed, can be hands-on or they can be a sales pitch.
  • You learn a lot. The point above may discourage you to the value of the event, but you come out a stronger virtualization resource. VMworld gives you the ability to make better virtualization decisions, offers hands-on experience with the technologies and the best partner information, and gives you access to many other virtualization professionals from around the world.
  • This is not a dull week. VMworld will wipe you out. There will be so much to take in from the sessions, labs, partners, the general exhibition and networking opportunities with other attendees that you will find this more engaging than a busy week at the office.
  • VMworld is a blast. The virtualization community unites in one place. It is a beautiful thing. I’ll be there, and as usual Tweeting away with the details of my day. Feel free to Tweet back to Tweetup. I'll admit, I'm hooked on Twitter. VMworld even has a dedicated page on Twitter Terms for the event.

This should be fun, and hopefully you can be there. Share your comments below on VMworld and let us know if you will be there.

Posted by Rick Vanover on 07/09/2009 at 12:47 PM


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