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Cloud Data Summit

Join the editors of Virtualization & Cloud review plus independent experts who will walk you through the best practices for you to manage, store, secure and restore your cloud-based data, whatever the service or configuration. Learn more.

Duration: 3 hours

Understanding & Justifying Cloud Costs & Return

Join us to gain an understanding of different IT infrastructure approaches and their respective financial considerations, and learn how to use financial analysis as a framework to optimize IT decision-making. Learn more.

Reimagining Business Productivity with Desktop as a Service in 2021

Join Anunta Tech experts as they delve deep into the changing needs of workplace and share perspectives on how to choose a Desktop-as-a-Service in 2021. Learn more.

The New Enterprise Cloud Dynamic

Beyond the migration of workloads and applications from on-prem to the cloud, many enterprises have shifted the center of their IT operations to the cloud as well. Learn more.

Backup and Recovery: Best Practices for Transforming Your Enterprise

Join the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review as well as independent experts for top best practice insights that you can implement right away! Learn more.

2021: The Modern IT Infrastructure Summit

Join this summit to find out exactly how new technologies in the areas of cloud, backup and recovery and security and launch your enterprise forward in 2021, while keeping you secure and compliant. Learn more.

The Mess of 2020 and the World We Need in 2021 and Beyond

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com and Virtualization & Cloud Review plus a top security expert to find out the answers you need to know. Learn more.

The Death of Network Hardware Appliances - and What It Means for Your Cloud Migration

Join Vivek Ganti as he examines many of the aspects of the on-premises to cloud transition. Learn more.

Hottest Third-Party Disaster Recovery Solutions

In this session the editors of Redmondmag.com and Virtualization & Cloud Review will guide you through some of the best solutions you'll want to implement now to be ready for 2021.  Learn more.

Expert Roundtable: Evolving Your Disaster Recovery Infrastructure for 2021

Do you have a modern disaster recovery plan that will ACTUALLY save your enterprise's operations and data? Join this session to find out. Learn more.

Ransomware in 50 Minutes: Top Current Threats & What Experts Expect in 2021

Join the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review and Redmondmag.com along with independent Infosec experts to learn exactly what you need to know heading into 2021 about ongoing and upcoming ransomware threats. Learn more.

Disaster Recovery in 2021 Summit

Find out where disaster recovery is heading in 2021 in this information-packed half-day summit brought to you by the editors of Redmondmag.com and Virtualization & Cloud Review. Learn more.

Strengthening security posture for modern-age SaaS providers

Businesses become more resilient in times of crises. This is especially true for SaaS businesses that are facing unprecedented challenges in this environment. While some are catering to a surge in traffic, others are figuring out innovative solutions to retain their customers. In addition, increasing malicious attacks are straining the resources of these SaaS businesses. Now more than ever, it is important for SaaS providers to deliver an uninterrupted experience. One that is fast, secure, and reliable to their customers in a cost effective manner.

Migration Strategy: Lessons Learned from the First-Generation of Cloud Migrations, and How to Do It Better This Time

In this session, 19-time Microsoft MVP Brien Posey explores lessons learned from first generation cloud migrations, and how those lessons can be applied in the future. Learn more.

Managing Through the Migration: How to Leverage In-place Infrastructure While Moving to the Cloud as Quickly as Possible

Join expert John O'Neill, Sr. as he explores which aspects of your existing infrastructure will integrate most efficiently with the cloud, and how to best make that happen. Learn more!

Assessing Where You Are in Your Cloud Journey and What Migration Steps Are Next

In this session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen will discuss how to manage cloud migration step-by-step, stage-by-stage, and smart-decision-by-smart-decision. Learn more.

Migrating to the Cloud: A Virtual Summit

Join us for this special 3-hour special virtual on the real state of migrating to the cloud and get real-world guidance on figuring out what to do now. Read on.

Thinking Ahead in Multi-Cloud Implementations to Ensure Security and Compliance

Join the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review plus an independent cloud architecture expert to find out what exactly you need to do to make sure your multi-cloud, public/private, AWS/Azure/GCP installations are up to snuff.

Improving Operations is Critical to Multi-Cloud Performance

Join this session as our experts discuss several best practices for improving operational performance across multiple private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms. Read on.

Scaling Efficiently in Multi-Cloud: A Half-day Virtual Summit

Recent events have highlighted the value of public clouds, hybrid clouds and the entire multi-cloud approach for organizations. Join us for this half-day virtual summit to learn what you need to know now about efficiently scaling your multi-cloud environment. Find out more!

Duration: 3 hours

Why Enterprises Need Native Cloud Development in 2021

In this session, Microsoft MVP and industry analyst Tim Warner will explore the transformative impact of cloud, microservices, and containers on the software development lifecycle, as well as the issues they can present. Read on.

Get Smart About Scaling With Multi-Cloud

Are you ready to get the most out of your public, private and native cloud installations? Are your AWS and Azure installations costing you what they should? Most importantly, what can you do to become your company's cloud hero? Attend this session to find out!

Top 7 Cloud Security Attack Vectors Heading into 2021

In this special session, IT security expert Ian Thornton-Trump will take you on a tour of the near-term threats in the cloud for organizations. Learn more.

10 Things Every IT Manager MUST Know About Cloud Security

Join this session for a deeper look at just what IT managers need to know to truly assure optimum data and network security in the cloud. Learn more.

Expert Best Practices for Hardening Your Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

In this engaging session, IT consultant and architect John O'Neill Sr. will have a one-on-one conversation with Converge360 Editorial Director Scott Bekker about hardening hybrid cloud infrastructure in the enterprise. You'll learn about best practices, tricks to use, pitfalls to avoid and lots of other insights. Read on.

Security in the Cloud 2021

Brought to you by the editors of Redmondmag.com and Virtualization & Cloud Review, join us for this half-day summit where independent experts will make sure you're up-to-day on everything you need to know (and do) to prepare your cloud infrastructure to be secure against attacks in 2021. Learn more.

Duration: 3 hours

Security in the Cloud 2021

Brought to you by the editors of Redmondmag.com and Virtualization & Cloud Review, join us for this half-day summit where independent experts will make sure you're up-to-day on everything you need to know (and do) to prepare your cloud infrastructure to be secure against attacks in 2021. Learn more.

Duration: 3 hours

HCI Makes Accelerating Your Apps a Breeze

Join us to learn how to simplify deploying NVMe in your environment to realize the performance benefits of the latest drive technology. Learn more.

Cloud Infrastructure: Sprawl or Save?

The age-old question for IT used to be “Build or buy?” Learn more.

Turn Over a New Leaf With a Future Proof Private and Hybrid Cloud Platform

Join this webinar to see how easy it is to make the move to HCI, build out your private cloud, and when you are ready, turn it all into a hybrid cloud. Learn more.