Varonis DatAnywhere Emulates Cloud File Sharing

DatAnywhere replicates Dropbox-like file sharing via on-premise network file sharing servers.

Varonis said that it's working on a solution that allows on-premise file sharing network servers that goes beyond traditional, over the wire file synchronization and replicates cloud-based file sharing. The idea is for companies to be able to manage users' file sharing in a familiar and managed and secure environment.

DatAnywhere is deployed as a trio of components deployed on a single server or multiple servers, to tap into network file servers and network-attached storage. The files can be moved and shared among devices, from laptops to smartphones to tablets, with file syncing taking place in the background, appearing to users as though the files are moving among devices as though those files reside on a cloud. 

Because the files are managed through DatAnywhere, files can be synced through CIFS shares over HTTP, with CIFS-based security and permissions and Active Directory-based authentication in place and maintained as files move along to each device. According to a press release, "provides a software proxy system that translates traditional LAN protocols (CIFS) to HTTPS for fast, secure remote access over the Internet."

DatAnywhere is currently under development. To sign up to participate in a beta test of the product, go to

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