The Virtualization Review Guide to VMworld Exhibitors

See who will be at the show, and what they'll be offering.

You've already got 358 sessions to wade through -- and then there's the exhibit floor. What's a virtualization expert to do? Here's a handy preview of companies that will be at the show, and the products and services they'll be showcasing. (Note: This guide is not comprehensive, and information and booth locations may change.)

10ZiG Technology, Booth 2331
V1200 Zero Client for PCoIP, 8848v Zero Client
VMware for View-ready thin clients.

Acronis International GmbH, Booth 1735
Acronis Small Office: Server Cloud Backup
Allows small offices to back up OSes, apps, and data to USB, NAS, or cloud (via Acronis Cloud Storage), with restores done via Acronis Universal Restore technology. Acronis claims recovery operations can be performed in minutes.

Acronis vmProtect 8
Backup and recovery for vSphere environments with incremental restore, multi-destination backups, integration with vCenter, and Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 support.

Actifio, Booth 540
Actifio Copy Data Storage
Appliance for virtualizing various aspects of data management to rid environments of excess data copies from storage, network and server infrastructure. Management is done via Actifio 5.1.

Afore Solutions, Booth 2146
Afore CloudLink
Provides tools to organizations and services providers who need to secure data threats posed by malware, other tenants, cloud administrators and malicious insiders. Works with vCloud line.

Alert Logic, Booth 337
Alert Logic Threat Manager with ActiveWatch
Security as a Service that identifies suspicious activity in network traffic that resides on-premises, in the cloud and in hosted environments. It uses several methods to identify threats, including intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning and intelligent multifactor correlation. Once a threat is validated by the Level 1 Security Operations Center, an analyst validates threats and then notifies customers with recommendations.

AppSense Ltd., Booth 2317
AppSense DesktopNow Suite for managing desktop environment and settings (Environment Manager), applications (Application Manager), and resource performance (Performance Manager) of physical and virtual desktops.

AppSense DataNow
Secure enterprise file access, synchronization and sharing from any device. AppSense MobileNowSoftware as a Service-based enterprise solution for managing and controlling mobile devices.

AppZero, Booth 647
For moving server applications across cloud or physical datacenters using Zapp migration technology. Comes in a Cloud edition for migration from cloud to cloud, and an Enterprise edition for encapsulating and moving Windows and Linux server apps.

Arista Networks Inc., Booth 1045
Arista 7500E Series Switches
Scales to more than 100,000 servers and millions of VMs; can run and support cloud, big data, storage, Web 2.0 and virtualization environments concurrently. Automation via Arista Extensible Operating System (EOS). Offers 1,152 10GbE, 288 40GbE or 96 100GbE wire-speed ports. Includes four line cards for 10/40/100GbE switching, including triple-speed 10/40/100G line card with integrated, software-configurable MUD eXtension Protocol (MXP) optics.

Arista 7150 Series Switches
Ultra-low latency 1RU 1/10GbE layer 2/3/4 wire-speed switch family designed for demanding environments such as ultra-low latency financial electronic communication networks (ECNs), HPC clusters and cloud datacenters. Supports cloud bursting with wire-speed VXLAN hardware-based Tunnel Endpoint termination.

Arista 7050 Series Switches
Series of 1RU 10GbE and 40GbE wire-speed multilayer switches powered by Arista EOS for 10Gb datacenters, big data, IP storage applications and dense virtualization environments. Performs to 1.28Tbps and 960Mpps. Has non-blocking wire-speed forwarding at L2 and L3. Packed with 16 ports of 40GbE (spine switch) or 64 and 52 ports 10GbE (leaf switches). Supports 40GbE QSFP+ uplinks and 1GbE on all SFP+ ports.

Arista 7048 Series Switches
Wire-speed layer 2/3 switch with 48 1,000Mbps ports and four 1/10Gb Ethernet uplinks delivering up to 40Gb of interconnect capacity from the leaf to the spine layer of the network. Runs Arista EOS to automate switch and network provisioning via Zero Touch Provisioning and VM Tracer features.

Arista VM Tracer
An extension of Arista EOS, it works natively with vSphere to provide visibility into the virtualization layer. It can create, prune, and open VLANs across the network infrastructure as VMs are added, moved, or changed. Supports multi-tenancy, and reacts in real time to changes.

Arista Data Analyzer
Integrated feature set of Arista EOS available on Arista Networks 7150-series switches for monitoring at 10/40Gbps and higher. Can maintain security, compliance, analysis, monitoring, and reporting for all traffic on higher data volumes and network bandwidths without adding proprietary out-of-band monitoring infrastructure or backhaul networks. Can troubleshoot applications and performance problems, perform traffic interception and manage overall customer satisfaction.

Asigra Inc., Booth 2335
Asigra Cloud Backup
Agentless backup, replication and disaster recovery solution available on-premises or via cloud service. Components for lifecycle management, Web portal integration, local storage integration and more are available as add-ons.

Atlantis Computing Inc., Booth 1045
Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI
Allows persistent virtual desktops to run from server RAM as primary storage, with a small amount of shared SAN or NAS storage used for backup and data protection.

Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI
Similar to the Persistent VDI product, but uses local server RAM for storage.

Barracuda Networks Inc., Booth 617
Barracuda Backup
Agent-based, all-in-one physical and cloud backup includes all the hardware, software, backup agents, and redundant storage features needed for de-duplication and compression, so it consumes minimal bandwidth. Has LiveBoot for VMware, which makes disaster recovery nearly instantaneous, as boot is performed directly from a stored backup file.

Barracuda Web Filter
Virtualized Web content-filtering solution that enables admins to view Web activity down to individual users and URLs. Included free are unlimited agents and software licenses to enforce content and access policies on mobile devices being used outside the corporate network.

Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall
Virtual configuration of company's e-mail security appliance includes best-of-breed spam and virus blocking, data protection, Denial of Service (DoS) prevention, e-mail continuity, encryption, and policy management. Automatically updated to keep up with new and emerging threats.

Barracuda NG Firewall
Virtualized enterprise-grade network firewall features coordinated WAN optimization, centralized management, and cloud-hosted content filtering and reporting.

Barracuda SSL VPN
Provides Web-based client-to-site VPN access to internal Web applications and network file shares. Works with any firewall. Powerful, policy-based resource management allows administrators to define granular access policies. In addition to having no per-user fees, installation and administration are fast and easy, and it's virtually maintenance-free, saving IT time and resources.

Barracuda Web Application Firewall
Physical or virtual appliance that can block an ever-expanding list of Web-based intrusions and attacks that target applications hosted on Web servers and in the cloud. Scans all inbound Web traffic to block attacks and scans all outbound traffic to provide highly effective data loss prevention (DLP).

Barracuda Load Balancer ADC
Virtualized high-performance application delivery controller that combines application acceleration, availability and control with advanced security capabilities.

BeyondTrust Inc., Booth 343
Retina Plug-in for VMware vCenter
Security and management tools for identifying and remediating network vulnerabilities. Features VMware vCenter integration, asset discovery, and comprehensive scanning of online and offline images and virtual application templates, with detailed risk intelligence for ESXi and VMs.

PowerBroker Unix & Linux for Virtualization and Cloud
Dedicated solution for delegating root tasks and authorization in virtualized datacenter environments without disclosing root passwords. Has highly flexible policy language so enterprises can dictate user permissions. Broker permissions are transparent across entire virtualized environment. The product also has real-time tracking of session activity.

Catbird Networks Inc., Booth 311
Network-based software-defined security that features continuous compliance monitoring and policy enforcement. Integrated with VMware vCloud Networking & Security (vCNS) firewall.

CloudPassage Inc., Booth 2430
CloudPassage Halo
Automated security and compliance solution for private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Features automated provisioning, direct cloud stack integration and continuous monitoring delivered via Software as a Service.

Condusiv Technologies Corp., Booth 517
V-locity VM
VMware-ready software automatically improves IO by 50 percent by eliminating unnecessary IO at the source. Optimizes reads and writes for increased bandwidth to storage devices, especially on servers with multiple VMs. Includes proprietary IntelliMemory and IntelliWrite technologies to optimize reads and writes via dynamic, server-side caching on available solid-state resources, and to prevent split IOs. Installation at the top of the stack in the VM OS layer eliminates surplus IO.

Coraid Inc., Booth 805
Coraid EtherDrive
Distributed SAN storage for high-performing cloud, virtualization and big-data applications. NAS-based Coraid ZX targets larger applications where rich video and big data might be channeled to larger private and public cloud environments. Coraid EtherCloud is aimed at enterprises that need the flexibility and automated capabilities of software-defined storage (SDS).

Dell, Booth 1219
Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition
Single-source solution for visibility and management of virtualized infrastructure, including datacenter server virtualization and desktop virtualization. Can track VDI performance from the application level to the server- and storage-hardware level.

Foglight for Storage Management
Cartridge for Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition, that offers physical storage performance reporting. Adds LUN latency reporting, N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV) support and other features. Available as a standalone cartridge or option with Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition.

Desktone, Booth 2328
Desktop as a Service enables deployment of Windows desktops and applications from the cloud to any user on any device from a centralized console.

Embotics, Booth 2034
Virtualization and cloud management platform includes features for private cloud automation, lab management, managed services and more.

ExtraHop Networks Inc., Booth 2417
Network- and cloud-monitoring tool features proactive remediation, troubleshooting, end-user experience monitoring, service-level agreement (SLA) monitoring, capacity planning and more.

F5 Networks Inc., Booth 1529
Suite of application-delivery services: local and global traffic management, access policies, firewall, app optimization and security, and more.

Flexera Software LLC, Booth 701
AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment
Provides monitoring, inventorying and analysis of desktop environments for assessing desktop and virtual computing costs.

App Portal
Provides a way for admins to give users access to software that's provisioned on demand via an enterprise app store.

Installation packager for on-premises Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and IBM iSeries platforms, and for applications destined for virtual and cloud infrastructures.

For installing desktop, server, Web and mobile Windows apps.

GreenBytes, Booth 735
IO Offload Engine
Storage optimization appliance for running high-performing, ultra-scalable, full-featured virtual desktops. Installs and scales out in minutes, instantly diverting swap and boot traffic away from primary SAN. Integrates at hypervisor level and manages specific data stores: golden images (provisioning), replica datastore (boot) and linked clone area (swap). Uses GreenBytes zero-latency inline de-duplication technology. Configurations start at 600GB up to 4.8TB raw flash storage, and can scale from 100 to 2,000 persistent virtual desktops per appliance.

Virtual storage optimization appliance version of the IO Offload Engine that's cloud-scalable and can size to any desktop virtualization environment by deploying multiple vIO instances.

Cloud-Managed Virtual Desktop Solution
On-premises, all-in-one virtual desktop appliance that combines vIO with Desktone Desktop as a Service to enable services providers to run simple and affordable high-performing virtual desktop environments. Comes preconfigured with storage, compute, and desktop virtualization software and is managed remotely by a cloud provider. Customers can use the Desktone DaaS Platform IT Portal to add, remove and edit virtual desktops; services providers use the DaaS Platform Service Provider Portal to provision and manage them.

Hitachi Data Systems, Booth 1037
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform
Enterprise-class 3D scaling storage platform aimed at high-performing, highly available environments; managed via Hitachi Command Suite.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform
Converged infrastructure solution with storage, server, networking, and software management in one package aimed at desktop and server virtualization, business analytics, collaboration, and data warehousing deployments.

HyTrust Inc., Booth 304
HyTrust Appliance
Software-based policy enforcement and governance appliance that sits alongside the virtual infrastructure to control access to virtualized services. Integrates with Active Directory.

Liquidware Labs Inc., Booth 2536
Stratusphere FIT
Tool for assessing readiness, measuring system performance, and inventorying applications and software for determining which parts of a computing environment can be virtualized.

User profile management and configuration tool for physical and virtual Windows desktops. A FlexApp version adds application-packaging features.

Virtualization Manager
Provides dashboards for troubleshooting and detecting performance and capacity issues. Can identify VM sprawl and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) resource problems, and track VM and host configurations.

Symantec Corp., Booth 1537
Cloud-based archiving service can store, manage and discover business-critical information. Role-based access includes rapid search feature.

Veritas Cluster Server
Automates database and application failover within a datacenter or to multiple remote datacenters, with support for heterogeneous physical and virtual OS platforms. Management, monitoring and reporting done via centralized Veritas Operations Manager console. Integrated with Symantec Virtual Business Services for faster recovery. Application failover can be performed without a VM reboot.

Tegile, Booth 1928
Zebi Storage Arrays
Flash-based storage arrays that use the company's Metadata Accelerated Storage System architecture to maximize performance. Available in NAS- and SAN-connected configurations.

Teradici Corp., Booth 905
Teradici Arch
Works with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services to employ PCoIP as an alternative to the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol.

Tintri, Booth 2011
Tintri VMstore
Scalable, intelligent storage for virtualized applications and desktops. Comes with VM-granular manageability, visibility and integrated data protection, with 99 percent of IO transactions being served from flash.

Tintri ReplicateVM
Provides enterprise data protection and disaster recovery operations for virtual environments at a per-VM level, and intelligent global de-duplication and compression using less WAN bandwidth usage.

Veeam Software, Booth 1629
Veeam Backup & Replicaton
Agentless, centralized backup and replication for vSphere and Hyper-V hypervisors. Features instant VM recovery, granular file and application recovery, VM replication, and more. Also available in a Cloud edition that can use public cloud storage as data repositories for vSphere and Hyper-V backups.

Veeam ONE 6.5
Combines with Veeam Backup & Replication to provide advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning for backup infrastructure. Supports vSphere 5.1 and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.

Virident Systems Inc., Booth 405
Storage Class Memory (SCM) that ranges in capacity from 550GB to 2.2TB, in both multilevel cell (MLC) and single-level cell (SLC) types of flash media. Fits in any server. Uses Virident Flash management with Adaptive Scheduler (vFAS) software technology to allow applications to access data as efficiently as possible, even as data reaches capacity.

Vision Solutions Inc., Booth 536
Double-Take Cloud Protection & Recovery
Disaster Recovery as a Service aimed at services providers managing private and public clouds. Protects physical, virtual, and cloud-based Windows servers running on Apache CloudStack or Citrix CloudPlatform.

Double-Take Availability for vSphere
Agentless protection and disaster recovery tool for VMs running on vSphere/ESXi virtual hosts and clusters.

Wiley Publishing, Booth 437
Book publisher that carries various titles covering basic to advanced virtualization and cloud technology.

Zenoss Inc., Booth 2424
Zenoss Service Dynamics
Service impact-management solution that unifies and automates impact and root-cause analysis for IT services that span private and public IT infrastructures. Gives a unified view of the health of hybrid IT services from a single console.

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