Parasoft Service Virtualization Tool for Simulated Test Environments

Create complete and realistic test environments that access all application dependencies.

Parasoft Service Virtualization is an open, automated infrastructure that lets Development and QA teams configure and manage test environments. Because it isn't practical to leverage hardware virtualization for every dependent application (databases, mainframes, third-party systems, etc.), service virtualization fills the gap by providing access to their behavior.

New to the latest release is a readily-accessible API that lets teams provision simulated test environments and launch associated test scenarios. This allows fully-automated continuous testing, a key component of the continuous delivery and release schedules so critical in business environments. Even if the team needs to launch many different test environments--with each running an extensive set of test scenarios--they can fully automate all provisioning and test execution.

Parasoft Service Virtualization's new release also delivers several other key features. For example, it lets teams proactively identify test environment issues before they compromise the accuracy of test results. An Open Asset Management feature lets teams share the resources relevant to their projects and domains. The product also generates sophisticated, flexible virtual assets from recorded traffic in a matter of seconds. All of this is available in an environment with strict access control.

About the Author

Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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