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Vendor to Customer: Demand Open Clouds

A lot of vendors love to tell you what you need through glitzy press conferences, talk of lightning-fast ROI and sure-fire promotions.

Those with proprietary systems talk more about benefits than lock-in and standards.

There are clearly two camps, open and closed.

Jim McNiel, CEO of data protection company FalconStor, has his talons clearly in the former camp. In fact, McNiel feels so strongly he wants you to think the same the way and shout it to all the vendors: "Make your clouds open!"

McNiel recently opened up to Virtualization Review editor in chief Bruce Hoard about openness and how FalconStor is moving to the cloud.

The company is lucky in that it doesn't have to build its own cloud. It partners with HP, which is in itself lucky in that it doesn't have to build its own cloud either since it bought EDS which already had one. Now FalconStor runs on more than 60 EDS ... er, HP data centers.

McNiel has plans for his company. In fact he has a "big, bodacious, hairy goal" to unite backup, archive and disaster recovery "under one single pane of glass."

Check out the complete convo here.

Posted by Doug Barney on 05/15/2012 at 12:47 PM


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