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VMware Acquires Another Company, and a Human

VMware continues putting the cloud puzzle pieces in place by announcing through its SpringSource division (a Java application infrastructure and management acquisition) that it has acquired Gemstone Systems, a Beaverton, Oregon-based firm offering enterprise data management solutions. The terms of the transaction were not announced.

VM is spinning the deal by saying the privately held Gemstone will enhance SpringSource and VMware's vision of providing the infrastructure required for cloud-centric apps via its built-in availability, scalability, security and performance guarantees.

According to SpringSource, "These modern applications require new approaches to data management, given they will be deployed across elastic, highly scalable, geographically distributed architectures. With the addition of GemStone's data management solutions, customers will be able to make the right data available to the right applications at the right time within a distributed cloud environment."

This most recent acquisition comes after VMware also recently acquired two messaging vendors, Rabbit Technologies, which provides an enterprise messaging system based on the emerging Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), and Zimbra, Yahoo's open source mail collaboration unit.

Heck, VMware is even publicizing the fact that they acquired a human, namely Salvatore Sanfilippo, who was lead programmer on the open source Redis project, described by Derek Collison of VMware's Cloud Service Division as a "high performance and scalable advanced key-value store where values can be data structures such as lists, sets, and hashmaps, as well as strings and blobs."

The company tells me that they won't be bashful about grabbing other companies as the need arises.

Question: What do you think of VMware's cloud technologies?

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 05/13/2010 at 12:48 PM


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