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What are the Five Most Pressing Issues for Admins?

In order to better serve the many down-in-the-trenches, admin readers of Virtualization Review, I reached out to our two blogger/columnists, Rick Vanover and David Davis, with a question: What are the five most important issues to admins?

First, Rick's responses:

  1. How to troubleshoot--It is easy to implement a virtual (or cloud) infrastructure, but when things go awry, what do you do?
  2. Revisit the workloads and applications--Too many times we have the "rocks" in the datacenter that cannot become virtual or cloud workloads. What do we need to do to get rid of them?
  3. Existing product lifecycles--Too many pieces are in place (primarily storage and networking) to rip it all out and go with a new infrastructure, as lifecycles may not be in sync.
  4. How to get to 10GB Ethernet--This will make the experience better as well as enable higher-performing iSCSI networks to help me migrate away from Fibre Channel.
  5. How to dump Fibre Channel--I want 10 Gig E to go down in price, and for the love of silicon, give me a reasonably priced 8-12-port 10 Gig E Switch.

Next, David's responses:

  1. Keeping tech hardware and software up to date--new security patches, virtualization software updates, new hardware announcements, etc.
  2. Keeping pace with education and certification.
  3. Balancing the virtual load--Use DRS to make sure that one VM doesn't over-utilize one server and slow down other VMs/resource management.
  4. Disaster recovery--Virtualization simplifies the planning and containerizes servers but also puts more eggs in one basket.
  5. "The Cloud"--Does this thing really apply to my company? Is this hype really valid?

Questions: Do you share any or all of these 10 concerns? If not, what are your most pressing issues? Comment here.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 07/06/2010 at 12:48 PM


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