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VMware Automates Virtual, Physical Server and Desktop Configurations

Mindful of its Microsoft System Center competition, VMware introduced vCenter Configuration Manager (vCM) 5.3, which automates configuration across virtual and physical servers and desktops. The new version enables enterprises to maintain continuous compliance by locating changes and comparing them to security and configuration policies such as PCI DSS. It also "remediates problems and automates and optimizes server provisioning for complete virtualized datacenter control." vCenter Configuration Manager was part of the Ionix products VMware acquired a few months back.

Primary features include application provisioning (Windows software packaging, installation and removal), enhanced vSphere client plug-in with vCM actions and enhanced dashboards, and extended platform support for Novell SUSE and VMware vSphere/vCenter.

The product also features Windows Custom information, an extensible mechanism for data inspection for Windows and vCenter using PowerShell, and automatic remediation of Unix/Linux/Mas OS X file/directory ownership and permissions configuration issues using vCM’s powerful compliance engine.

The newest version is available to customers on the VMware Web site at vCenter Configuration Manager Download.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 09/29/2010 at 12:48 PM


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