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AVIcode Purchase Dives Deep into Monitoring

And to think that Redmond makes fun of VMware for acquiring their expertise via the M&A process.

What's wrong with snapping up otherwise hard-to-find expertise by buying an up-and-coming company from time to time? Beats trying to develop everything internally. Which is no doubt what Microsoft was thinking when they bought Baltimore-based AVIcode, a previously private firm known for its .NET application monitoring capabilities.

Brad Anderson, Microsoft corporate VP, Management and Services Division, writes in his blog that Redmond's move to SaaS and PaaS (via Windows Azure) has challenged the company to extend its monitoring capabilities to do three key tasks: "Enable an understanding of how end users experience an application's performance and quality, trace the performance of critical business transactions, and gain insight into the relationship of the hardware and the software components of a distributed application or service."

Enter AVIcode. Anderson says AVIcode solutions include all those monitoring metrics, and they are all integrated with System Center Operations Manager. In fact, he adds, Microsoft has been deploying AVIcode with Operations Manager in its far-flung data centers on services such as XBOX for many years.

"Bringing together the capabilities of Operations Manager with the enhancements from AVIcode enables organizations to truly get the 360-degree view of their service--independent of where the service is hosted, whether a datacenter/cloud, in a partner's hosted datacenter/cloud, or from a public cloud solution such as Windows Azure," Anderson says.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 10/06/2010 at 12:48 PM


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