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RingCube Puts Happy User in Virtual Workspace

Mike Prepelica, director of IT at Chicago-based distributor Revere Electric, was able to solve two problems with RingCube's vDesk software. First, he was able to create virtual desktops on the computers of employees who were sick, or otherwise unable to physically appear at work. Second, since Revere Electric does not supply its sales force with computers, the company was able to provision those employee-owned computers either in person or via the network in 30 minutes instead of the two to three days it used to take.

RingCube's virtual workspace technology separates user desktop environments, including apps, settings and data, from the OS, encapsulating it within a secure container. At the same time, it automatically backs up every virtual desktop to a centralized server. As RingCube puts it, "When users start their vDesk workspace, it transforms any Windows PC into their own familiar corporate workspace."

For Prepelica, this meant there was no need for an expensive data center infrastructure, including that most feared and loathed of all data center systems--the SAN. With vDesk, virtual desktops are simply stored locally. As he puts it, "vDesk provides the toolset that a person needs in a virtual space versus a physical install." No troubleshooting, no muss, no fuss.

So why not provide the ability for people to work full time from home? Prepelica doesn't rule out the possibility, but remember, we're talking about a sales organization here, and people need to interact face to face. As he puts it, "People leverage each other."

Here's how he sums it up: "The bottom line for me is it works and it has saved me a ton of time." The latest version of vDesk includes many new features, including hardware-based capabilities based on Intel Core vPro processors. It costs $250 per user.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 10/04/2010 at 12:48 PM


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