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Maritz Is Still the Boss at VMware

In the course of a recent interview, I have come across some interesting information related to the job status of VMware CEO Paul Maritz. This information came to me during an interview with Raghu Raghuram, VP and GM of VMware's Virtualization and Cloud Platform Group, who told me, "Just to clarify, there's been no real change in Paul's day-to-day responsibilities. The co-presidents are just recognition of the work Paul delegates to that set of four gentlemen, and therefore, the responsibilities that they have for their respective, day-to-day jobs. But it's more a recognition of the level of responsibility that those gentlemen are doing than any change in Paul's responsibility."

The quote is a little twisted, but it is clearly saying that all four of these guys were doing a good job, so they got promoted, but they still take their marching orders from Maritz.

When I suggested to Raghu that this situation must have stimulated a flurry of press inquiries, he replied that to the best of his knowledge, "This has barely caused a ripple in terms of incoming questions for VMware. Certainly, it's not a distraction."

Still, you can't help but wonder.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 07/07/2011 at 12:48 PM


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