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Survey Depicts vSphere 5 Usage Stats

VMware just released the results of a TechValidate survey of over 1,200 VMware beta customers and partners. The news, as you might expect, is good.

Good means 70 percent of respondents surveyed have downloaded and deployed vSphere 5 -- which has been available for nearly seven months -- and are taking advantage of its nearly 200 new and enhanced capabilities. Good means 82 percent of those respondents have deployed vSphere 5 to virtualize their business critical workloads and apps.

The survey also found that 92 percent of customers and partners are using vMotion, 87 percent are using High Availability, and 68 percent are employing Storage vMotion.

After waxing enthusiastic about vSphere 5's automation abilities, VMware notes that more than 70 percent of respondents are achieving OpEx savings with the product, and beyond that, 80 percent have upgraded to VMF 5 to take advantage of the file system's increased scalability and performance.

Another 52 percent are using Storage DRS and its ability to automatically manage the placement and balancing of VMs across storage resources. Without being specific, the company further noted that it is seeing a great "uptick" of new storage features, including Storage I/O Control, which "allows customers to configure rules and policies to specify the business priority of each VM, and Profile-Driven Storage, which streamlines storage provisioning and ensures that application services match the available storage."

TechValidate collects, validates and publishes exclusive research data on technology products and services that is sourced directly from 454,881 verified users of those products.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 03/27/2012 at 12:48 PM


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