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Embotics V-Commander Delivers IT-as-a-Service

Some smart people in the know are saying that Embotics created something of a VMworld buzz with its latest version of Embotics V-Commander, which delivers IT-as-a-Service using both private and public clouds. The idea behind this new product is to change the management environment from presiding over individual VMs to having control of a wider range of IT services.

The chief beneficiaries of this largesse are the ever-growing numbers end users who are joining the ranks of the empowered by being able to request the provisioning of IT services "consisting of logical aggregates of virtual and physical assets from within a single, self-service catalog, streamlining the cloud management process to provide IT organizations with increased control, speed and agility."

With this version of V-Commander, there is a wide spectrum of devices and their owners that stand to benefit. Automated request and approval workflows for virtual and non-physical assets such as cell phones, laptops and physical servers will reportedly save time, while providing enhanced control to IT administrators who have been spread thin by the BYOD/consumerization tsunami.

According to Embotics, "These configurable service bundles enable users to request the provisioning of mixed IT assets types (e.g. a new employee service bundle that includes a phone, laptop and test VM) and are fully integrated with directory services such as Active Directory. For the modern data center, this is essential to grouping items into logical units at the business level and freeing administrators from manually addressing the many line items normally associated with infrastructure-level provisioning."

Other benefits of V-Commander include better and more encompassing service levels for end users, and the product's extensibility to the Amazon EC2 public cloud platform.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 08/30/2012 at 12:48 PM


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