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  • Future of Retail: SD-WAN is a Critical Component

    The seismic effects of digital transformation are reshaping the retail world. Many retailers are starting to use technology to enhance the customer experience. Learn more.

  • SD-WAN Becomes the Network

    Deploying and managing the WAN has become more challenging and costly as traffic flows decentralize. The solution for many organizations is to place network intelligence in the cloud to monitor, steer, and secure traffic flows. Find out more.

  • The Positive Impact of SD-WAN on Healthcare

    The digital transformation, federal regulations, and patient expectations are placing huge burdens on healthcare networks. Find out how SD-WAN helps healthcare organizations transform their networks to be scalable, secure, uninterrupted, and bandwidth-flexible. Learn more.

  • The SD-WAN Provides the Fast Path to the Virtual Cloud Network

    SD-WAN becomes the lynchpin of the Virtual Cloud Network, enabling businesses to transition to a digital organization and drive network evolution.

  • The Total Economic Impact Of A Virtual Cloud Network

    Download this report now to see how Forrester illustrated the benefits and costs associated with an investment in a Virtual Cloud Network. Get this report now.

  • Demystifying SD-WAN's Relationship to WAN Optimization

    At first glance, SD-WAN and WAN Optimization appear to perform very similar functions and can be substitutes for each other. Often erroneously mentioned as synonymous technologies, a deeper examination reveals two very distinct and highly complementary technologies with very limited feature overlap. Learn more.

  • Better VDI UX Makes Good Business Sense

    Read this eBook to learn the benefits of providing a superior virtualized environment with a good user experience (UX), including boosting worker productivity, improving VDI adoption and reducing costs. Learn more.

  • How VembuHive, a Backup Repository as a File System is Changing the Dynamics of Data Protection

    MS Applications are a critical segment of the core systems managed and run in IT of most organizations. Backing them up is not enough. The effect of the backup process on your system and storage determines its efficiency. From this whitepaper, learn how VembuHIVE transforms the way backups are performed to achieve disaster-readiness. Learn more.

  • A Modern Approach to Protecting Business Data and Improving Application Performance

    In this eBook, learn more about how software-defined storage (SDS) helps in providing fast, continuous data access and the flexibility that IT organizations need in order to non-disruptively add new storage and technologies. Find out more in this e-book.

  • All-Flash Array Buying Considerations: The Long-Term Advantages of Software-Defined Storage

    In this white paper, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) discusses the modern data center challenge, buying considerations before your next flash purchase, the value of storage infrastructure independence and how to obtain it with software-defined storage. Learn more.

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