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  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies

    Cloud computing is proliferating and taking over the world of IT as we know it. Cloud computing also grows more complex and multi-faceted daily. Getting onto the cloud is easy. Getting it right is trickier. Learn more.

  • Network Functions Virtualization with Red Hat

    Try Data traffic is growing at an unprecedented rate. However, revenues associated with the increase in traffic are not growing at a comparable rate—but the associated costs are. To compound the problem, legacy communications infrastructures simply cannot keep up. Innovation is risky, and high costs, slow scaling, and inflexible environments all impede your ability to quickly adapt to fastchanging market conditions and stay ahead of the competition. Learn more.

  • Deliver Highly Reliable and Available Database Performance

    Together, Red Hat and Microsoft deliver a highly available and reliable foundation for database operations that meets modern digital business needs. Learn how Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® delivers data reliability and availability for critical workloads. Learn more.

  • Red Hat Infrastructure Migration Solution

    The Red Hat® infrastructure migration solution helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey without increasing their costs, allowing them to invest in transformative technologies like containers, automation, and multicloud management by reducing the cost of their existing infrastructure investments. Learn more.

  • Increase Security of Public Cloud Workloads with Red Hat and Microsoft

    Advanced security features and tools deter threats and safeguard applications and data. Together, Red Hat and Microsoft deliver a production-ready cloud foundation that effectively addresses security concerns. Learn more.

  • VM Migration Savings Calculator

    Try Red Hat's latest Migration Saving calculator. Try now.

  • Deploy Your Database with Flexibility, Security, and Performance

    Organizations are increasingly using data to run applications, inform processes, and gain insight. To support these initiatives, applications and users need fast, reliable, secure access to the right data at all times. Learn more.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    IT organizations want to deliver greater business value by increasing productivity, delivering services faster, and remaining flexible to incorporate the latest innovations like cloud, containers, and configuration automation. Learn more.

  • Case for Data Protection Infographic

    This infographic chronicles the journey from a complicated legacy backup and recovery environment to a modern data protection solution that simplifies backup and recovery globally. Learn more.

  • Credit Acceptance Increases Backup Speed by 18x While Reducing TCO by 70%

    Credit Acceptance Corporation is a finance company that provides automobile loans and other related financial products. While evaluating options for upgrades they learned the faced may challenges. Learn more.

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