Cloud Computing

Microsoft Exec Urges MSDN Subscribers To Use Azure Credits

Microsoft's most senior Windows Azure development executive is encouraging developers to take advantage of their Windows Azure credits through their Microsoft Developer Network subscriptions.

Microsoft Brings SQL Server AlwaysOn Support to Windows Azure

Microsoft unveiled five improvements to Windows Azure this week, four of which are now generally available.

The Best Backup? No Backup

Backups are a thing of the past, with cloud solutions that take data protection to higher level.

How To Implement Mobile Application Management with Citrix XenMobile

Stepping through MAM is quick, easy. Here's how.

VMware's Inside Man: An Interview with Carl Eschenbach

A Q&A with the VMware COO on how the company intends to carve out a market for its unique brand of Infrastructure as a Service.

vCloud: The Essentials

VMware turns the cloud inside-out and covers every conceivable way you might work within the cloud. Here's what you need to know to map out a fundamental cloud strategy with its vCloud suite of solutions.

Ready or Not, the VM Era Is Over

The era of the VM is over, and IT is woefully unprepared for what comes next.

The Need for SSD Speed, Tempered by Virtualization Budgets

What IT department doesn't lust for the hottest new SSDs? Costs usually tempers that lust.

Oracle Releases Cloud Application Foundation 12c

The 12c version of Oracle's Cloud Application Foundation became available last week.

The Cloud Is Not a Science Project

Here are the considerations for designing your cloud strategy for long-term success.

6 Things You Don't Know About Deduplication in the Datacenter

It's what you don't know, or know incorrectly, that can stump you in your deduplication efforts.

The Essential VMware

To get your virtualization project off the ground, all you need to know about VMware are its core products. Here's an overview.

You Don't Want to Miss This

Three Virtualization Review contributors give you their top VMworld 2013 sessions.

XenServer Now Fully an Open Source Project

Citrix also simplifies licensing for the commercial version that it will continue to sell and support.

Microsoft Gives Virtual Machines in Windows Azure a Security Boost

Those using Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud service now have access to a new security option that lets them block unauthorized users from accessing virtual machines.

Microsoft Launches Azure Mobile Services and Azure Web Sites

The second-day keynote of Microsoft's Build conference focused on the back end, primarily the Windows Azure cloud platform.

XenServer Updated, Now Open Source Project

Improved performance, higher virtual CPU limits per host are new; so is simplified licensing.

Microsoft, Oracle Mend Fences To Ink Broad Cloud Pact

Microsoft and Oracle put their longtime rivalry on pause this week to announce a potentially far-reaching agreement to support all of Oracle's key software offerings on Microsoft's Windows Server, Hyper-V and Windows Azure services.

The Disaster Recovery Assurance Paradigm Shift

The cloud has shifted the frequency with which we need to test our systems' capabilities to come back from disaster, from months to right now and often.

Network Virtualization Key to IaaS Clouds

Here's why network virtualization is a better fit than traditional networking for IaaS cloud deployments.

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