Cloud Computing

Varonis DatAnywhere Emulates Cloud File Sharing

DatAnywhere replicates Dropbox-like file sharing via on-premise network file sharing servers.

Open Source Hybrid Management Platform from Red Hat Debuts

CloudForms unifies public and private clouds by leveraging work from the Apache DeltaCloud project.

With Amazon VM Import/Export, VMs Are On the Move

Amazon allows porting of VMs from Amazon EC2 to VMware, Citrix or Microsoft environments, and back again.

Private Cloud on a Pauper Budget

Private clouds were once expensive undertakings, but times have changed and they can now be launched by companies with incredibly limiting financial resources. But make the right decisions or you'll end up with the wrong private cloud solution, says one CTO.

Cloud Security Alliance Plans Cloud Certification Program

CSA wants to promote secure cloud computing among its partners through its proposed Open Certification Framework.

FalconStor Chief: Cloud Customers Must Demand More Open Architectures

Falconstor CEO Jim McNiel is out to master the services-oriented data protection market.

Can Red Hat Win Cloud War with VMware?

Analysis: Red Hat debuts OpenShift Origin, and reinvigorates war with VMware in the cloud. But can it win?

Plenty of Room for both OpenStack and CloudStack

With competing cloud stacks battling it out publicly, customers will be the eventual winners.

Beyond the Cloud Hype: Hybridization Delivers Workload-Centric Cost Efficiency and Agility

Often, the best solution is a hybrid approach that melds the existing internal capabilities and assets of the IT organization with the scale and immediacy that the cloud offers.

Appcelerator Releases Cloud Services for Latest Dev Platform

Appcelerator released version 2 of its open source Titanium application development platform, which comes with Appcelerator Cloud Services, a just-released service that allows developers to integrate the cloud into mobile apps.

Windows Azure Bandwidth Fees Waived for Internet2 Research Universities

Microsoft and Internet2 have struck an agreement to open up the Windows Azure cloud computing platform to Internet2 member universities.

ESX Source Code Leaked, But Customers Not In Danger So Far, Says VMware

Leaked code may have originated with a partner in China who was targeted by hackers.

Is VDI Still Viable?

It's easy to take potshots at virtual desktop infrastructure, but this embattled technology has plenty of time to become a formidable force.

Flexera's Virtual Desktop Migration Planning Tool Debuts

Flexera's AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment helps companies peer into users' use of computing resources across the network.

VMware Accelerate Advisory Services Debuts

VMware unveiled VMware Accelerate Advisory Services, which provides custom methods to expedite IT and business transformation in several focused areas.

VMware Releases Cloud Foundry Deployment Tool

VMware also celebrates first year of Cloud Foundry in the platform-as-a-service space.

eXo Beta Testing Its Cloud-Based 'Intranet-as-a-Service'

New service bridges gap between social networking features and enterprise requirements and enable teams to set up complete cloud-based social intranets quickly.

Microsoft Beta Testing User Experience Virtualization, App-V 5.0

Microsoft User Experience Virtualization will be integrated into the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack; App-V 5's enhanced application streaming goes under scrutiny with testers.

Hyper-V on Hyper-Drive, Part 4: Monitoring Hyper-V The Right Way

It's time to put what you've learned into practice and then make sure that Hyper-V is running at hyperspeed.

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