Cloud Computing

Dell To Buy Cloud Player Wyse Technology

The Round Rock, Texas computer maker expands its cloud offering by taking on the top thin-client maker.

Dell Offers 3 New VDI Solutions

Dell introduces two turnkey VDI appliances based on Dell PowerEdge servers, available now, and is slated to add a cloud-based VDI solution next quarter.

DH2i Packages SQL Server in the Cloud

Company debuts DxConsole, which provides application virtualization for SQL Server instances destined for the cloud.

'Cloud Build' Service Coming for Visual Studio Devs

Microsoft today unveiled a new cloud-based build service for its upcoming hosted Team Foundation Service.

Evolution of Optimized Private Clouds

With the potential of private clouds now being realized by organizations of all sizes, IT is awakening to the importance of continuously improving the way it manages and delivers cloud-based services.

Google Launches New Security Layer for APIs and Servers

Google has added an additional security option for developers building apps that access the company's server-side platform services.

Gartner: PCs Out, 'Personal Cloud' In by 2014

A new report from research firm Gartner Inc. predicts that, by 2014, the PC will no longer be the primary digital device for most users.

10 Steps to the Private Cloud

For private clouds to become viable, organizations must embrace several steps to advance their private cloud strategies.

OpenNebula Releases Microsoft Hyper-V Drivers

The open source data center virtualization project adds support for Microsoft's hypervisor technology.

Application Security in the Cloud

Today's Web Application Firewalls need to provide the application protection that organizations require to block evolving threats, no matter where applications are deployed in today's dynamic environments.

Amazon Slashes Cloud Pricing Again

For the second month in a row, Amazon is cutting the price of its clouds offerings.

Bringing Coherence to Cloud Management

Your IT department already has everything it needs for all business operations. What's missing is the right management toolkit to knit it all together.

Hyper-V on Hyper-Drive, Part 3: 8 Tips and Tricks

Some well-known -- and some more obscure -- tips and tricks for enhancing Hyper-V.

Leap Year Bug Causes Hours-Long Windows Azure Outages (UPDATE)

Portions of Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform are still crippled from a series of outages that has lasted several hours and affected users in multiple countries.

Networking for the Cloud: 3 Vendor Views (Part 3, Mirantis)

Three vendors, three opinions on what drives their solutions. In the last part, Doug Barney talks with several executives at Mirantis Inc.

VMware's Micro Cloud Foundry Boosts Offline Support, Adds Java Debugging

Version 1.2 of VMware's Micro Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service (PaaS) became available for download this week.

Metro-Style SkyDrive App Coming in Windows 8 'Consumer Preview'

The Windows 8 consumer preview release will include one additional new feature: a SkyDrive storage app optimized for the "Metro"-style user interface.

Catbird vSecurity Adds vShield Firewall Component

Catbird said that its vSecurity security management can now take advantage of the firewall features of VMware vShield App natively.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: How New Backup Technology is Changing DR Planning

Tape backup is still an important component to a good backup strategy, but new technology means we need recovery options that are faster than tape can deliver. Here's why you should consider a mix of solutions. Last in a series.

Microsoft Adds New Storage Option to SQL Azure, Cuts Pricing

Microsoft once again made some cuts to its SQL Azure pricing, as well as introduced a 100 MB database storage option, according to a blog post by Steve Martin, general manager for Windows Azure business planning

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