Cloud Computing

Approach Virtualization Management Platform Selection With Careful Eye

With virtualization, vendors no longer push sales. Instead, they solve customer problems through services.

Simon Crosby and the Security Virtues of Micro-Virtualization

The Bromium cofounder and CTO sketches his startup's system architecture.

New Visions for VMware

Customers anticipate advanced application models and software-defined datacenters from the cloud giant.

Get Started with VMware vCloud Director

The tech world is hot for cloud computing, and VMware says it's leading the charge.

VMware Horizon: A New Era of Enterprise IT

As Software as a Service becomes mainstreamed into IT, VMware Horizon Application Manager will help bring multiple technologies under one common management platform.

View 5.1 Ups the Ante

VMware View 5.1 offers a multitude of new features that enhance the virtual desktop infrastructure user experience.

Hackers' Lives Made Easier Thanks to the Cloud

A cloud-based server means a hacker can get to it from any location.

Replication: A DR Solution Made for Virtualization

Replication is a good example of functionality that virtualization simplifies and makes much less expensive.

Microsoft Demos Cloud App Management at TechEd Europe

Microsoft showed how application management works using the Windows Intune and Windows Azure Active Directory services at TechEd Europe on Tuesday.

Who's Afraid of Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Even with advancements in cloud- and virtualization-based BDR solutions, companies are prone to choose traditional BDR approaches.

vSphere 5 Ups the Ante

VMware's next-generation cloud infrastructure suite is packed with new features that many customers are eager to implement.

Net Optics Monitors Hyper-V

Traffic monitoring plug-in developed using Hyper-V Extensible Virtual Switch.

In-House or SaaS -- How To Decide Which is Best for You

Is there still a place for legacy infrastructure solutions or is SaaS slowly making them extinct? Let's look at the pros and cons of each deployment model.

Varonis DatAnywhere Emulates Cloud File Sharing

DatAnywhere replicates Dropbox-like file sharing via on-premise network file sharing servers.

Open Source Hybrid Management Platform from Red Hat Debuts

CloudForms unifies public and private clouds by leveraging work from the Apache DeltaCloud project.

With Amazon VM Import/Export, VMs Are On the Move

Amazon allows porting of VMs from Amazon EC2 to VMware, Citrix or Microsoft environments, and back again.

Private Cloud on a Pauper Budget

Private clouds were once expensive undertakings, but times have changed and they can now be launched by companies with incredibly limiting financial resources. But make the right decisions or you'll end up with the wrong private cloud solution, says one CTO.

Cloud Security Alliance Plans Cloud Certification Program

CSA wants to promote secure cloud computing among its partners through its proposed Open Certification Framework.

FalconStor Chief: Cloud Customers Must Demand More Open Architectures

Falconstor CEO Jim McNiel is out to master the services-oriented data protection market.

Can Red Hat Win Cloud War with VMware?

Analysis: Red Hat debuts OpenShift Origin, and reinvigorates war with VMware in the cloud. But can it win?

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