Gigamon Offers Network Insight

New traffic analysis tools help enterprises and service providers monitor, manage, and protect networks.

Gigamon is adding new technology to its Unified Visibility Fabric network management platform: Traffic Intelligence. Designed for enterprises and service providers wanting to manage and analyze traffic flows for performance issues, access rights issues, and potential data vulnerabilities, Unified Visibility Fabric gives organizations insight into their network traffic across physical and virtual environments, and passes that information to its centralized tools.

The new Traffic Intelligence node offers advanced network traffic filtering capabilities such as stateful correlation, subscriber awareness, and deep packet visibility. This will help Unified Visibility Fabric deliver more granular filtering and forwarding to ensure its tools receive only the most relevant traffic.

The new Traffic Intelligence capabilities include adaptive packet filtering that can scan for content anywhere in the packet to make intelligent filtering and forwarding decisions. Filtering criteria include advanced encapsulation protocols and/or packet contents beyond Layer 4. Also included is the addition of IPv6 de-duplication and support for visibility in Cisco FabricPath environments and IP fragmentation awareness.

For service providers, Traffic Intelligence offers a GTP correlation application that lets customers filter and forward correlated subscriber traffic streams that are encapsulated using the GPRS Tunneling Protocol, or GTP, within 3G/4G/LTE environments. GTP correlation provides access to mobile Big Data caused by consumption and transmission of more voice, video, and data across 3G and 4G/LTE networks. Also interesting to service providers will be the FlowVUE application, which provides active, subscriber-aware flow sampling.

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Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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