The 'Brochureware' Era Is Over

Hardware and software vendors need to change sales strategies.

5 Ways the Dell Purchase of EMC Will Benefit VMware

The changes, to both Dell and VMware, will be massive.

Hyper-Convergence: 3 Reasons to Move, 3 Reasons to Wait

The upsides -- and downsides -- of hyper-converged infrastructure.

Using VMware's Logon Monitor Fling

Find and fix logon issues proactively.

Time for a Virtualization Marketplace?

To keep up with cloud providers, the answer is yes.

A Vision of the Ideal Personal, Private Cloud

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the market.

3 Cool New Features of vCenter Converter

It's been around a long time, but it's far from dead.

VMworld 2016 Must-See Sessions

Tom's learning about containers and new storage options, among other goodies.

The Cloud: This Time, It's Personal

An overview of PROMISE Technology's Apollo Cloud.

Microsoft, Citrix Team Up for App Delivery From Cloud

As part of the announcement, Microsoft said that the Azure RemoteApp service is being killed.

Researchers Say Latest Windows 10 Version Opens Security Hole

Microsoft denies reports of vulnerability, but says Windows RT devices could be affected.

Is Customer Premises Equipment an IoT Solution?

Containers may hold the key to securing devices.

A Tale of Two Cloud Assessments

'Market Leader' is a highly subjective phrase.

Ransomware: Coming to a Hypervisor Near You

Hyper-V is at the top of the risk chart.

The Internet of Things: Take Your Time

Before jumping in, find out what the water's like.

How To Use VMware's DRS Doctor Fling

It's not the most user-friendly tool, although it's extremely useful.

The Quest for Guaranteed Recovery Assurance

You probably have a disaster recovery plan in place. But do you know that it's ready if your worst-case scenario occurs?

VMware Boosts Channel Margins

A steadily growing product line necessitated the changes.

3 Bits of Advice for VMware

Humble suggestions for keeping the company on course.

Adaptive Parallel I/O for the Win

DataCore sets another benchmark.

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