Cloud Computing

DevOps Report: Cloud Boosts Employee Well-Being Along with Infrastructure Flexibility

Cloud computing obviously gives organizations infrastructure flexibility, but a perhaps less well-known benefit is happier, more productive workers.

Quick Tips to Save Money on Azure Cloud Bills

It's very easy to get started with Azure and deploy resources that will help you use the Microsoft cloud to do amazing things -- but then you get your monthly bill and wonder if there are ways to control it.

Cisco Teams with Nutanix for New Hyperconverged Solution to Replace HyperFlex

Cisco teamed up with enterprise cloud specialist Nutanix to replace its HyperFlex offering with a new hyperconverged solution as part of a strategic partnership announced in August.

Troubleshooting RDP Connection Problems with AWS EC2 Windows Instances

Brien Posey shows how to resolve some of the more common causes of RDP connection failures.

Introduction to Azure Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) has become a critical part of DevOps, allowing for declarative definition, configuration, deployment and management of simple and complex IT solutions.

Accenture Research: 'The Future Is Edge'

Edge computing can be a big revenue generator for companies, but adoption is lagging and the results vary according to which of four approaches is taken, new research from Accenture indicates.

Building Cloud-Native Microservices with Dapr

Modern distributed applications require much more than just application logic, and features such as state management for services, communication using publish/subscribe messaging and event-driven binding to cloud resources might be needed, and two experts will show how Dapr can help.

Top Cloud Asks Switch from Security to Cost Control

In last year's edition of this report series, organizations asked cloud providers for security expertise; this year they want cost control help.

Salesforce Borrows 'Copilot' Moniker for its New Einstein AI

It looks like Microsoft/GitHub might have coined the standard moniker for AI assistants going forward, as Salesforce this week debuted new "Einstein Copilot" AI tech.

Cloud Security Alliance Sheds Light on 'Shadow Access' IAM Problem

The Cloud Security Alliance is talking up a new security concern for IT pros to worry about, "Shadow Access," or the unintended access to organizational applications and data.

As Cloud Giants Wrestle with AI-Generated Content, AWS Demands Kindle Notifications

As cloud giants continue to wrestle with AI-generated content causing copyright issues, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now demanding that self publishers on its Kindle platform indicate whether their new content comes from machines.

How to Choose the Right Architecture for the Right Job

Many monolithic IT systems have morphed into distributed solutions based on service-based architectures, but with monoliths making a comeback, the important thing is to find the right approach for a specific situation.

Forwarding AWS Name Resolution Requests to On-Premises DNS

While the process of establishing a network path between two networks tends to be somewhat straightforward, DNS name resolution can be an issue.

Microsoft, Do Better

It's high time for Microsoft to have a rebirth -- the death spiral of its attitude to security needs to change.

How to Improve the Cloud Journey to Azure

An application is an idea that has code, data and infrastructure, and choosing whether to build a conveyor belt or to put up guard rails along the path is important in maintaining velocity to the cloud.

OpenAI, Microsoft, Google Usher the Age of Enterprise AI

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, while Microsoft introduced Bing Chat Enterprise in the Windows Copilot Preview and Google announced a flurry of enterprise AI-related news items at its Google Cloud Next '23 conference.

VMware Explore: VMware (and NVIDIA) Execs Promise To Deliver on Generative AI's Promise

VMware debuted a new solution, jointly developed with NVIDIA, that aims to address the legal, privacy and security concerns around the use of generative AI in enterprises.

VMware Details New Ransomware, Disaster Recovery Protections

VMware detailed its latest protections against ransomware -- along with disaster recovery improvements -- as its big VMware Explore 2023 conference kicked off in Las Vegas, citing moves across several properties.

'Private AI' Leads AI News at VMware Explore 2023

The expected deluge of AI-related news at this week's big VMware Explore 2023 conference sees a "Private AI" initiative with chipmaker NVIDIA, along with AI integrations to the Anywhere Workspace platform and much more.

Results of Microsoft's Big AI Bet? An 'Additional $31 Billion' in Revenue

A $10 billion-plus investment put advanced generative AI tech into everything from Bing search to Microsoft 365 office apps to even Windows itself, with some prices rising accordingly.

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