Desktop Virtualization

Run Along, Virtual Doggies

Manipulate how your VMs work using the vmrun command.

The Missing Link to the Virtual Infrastructure

The ZXTM Virtual Appliance provides load balancing and traffic management within the virtual network infrastructure.

Mount Up!

Sneak a peek at the contents of your virtual drives.

Physically Manage Virtual Disks

A three-part look at VMware command-line tools. First up: vdiskmanager.exe

Virtual Disk Compaction Confusion

You can shrink a fixed size virtual hard disk. Here's how.

VMware Workstation Is a Virtual Powerhouse

Readers say VMware's desktop virtualization tool, although pricier than Microsoft's free Virtual PC, is definitely worth the money.

Microsoft and VMware Debut New Virtualization Offerings

The virtualization marketplace heated up this week with announcements from both Microsoft and chief competitor VMware. Both announcements came at VMware's VMworld conference in Los Angeles.

Microsoft Virtual PC: Good Enough -- for the Price

Virtual PC may be free, but its lack of key features makes its more expensive competitor increasingly attractive.

Virtually Ending Conflicts

Microsoft seeks to end system software conflicts with SoftGrid.

Living in a Virtual World

Virtualization is here to stay, so make sure you're using the right tool.

VMware Changes the Playing Field

VMware's Player tool can make architectures you used to only dream of a reality. Our new Windows Insider columnist, Greg Shields, walks you through the possibilities as well as tips for increasing performance.

Virtualization Goes Mainstream

Virtualization has become a serious tool for production environments.

Virtual Idol

VMware puts on a stellar virtualization performance with its latest version of Workstation.

A Virtual Machine Primer

Virtual PC software can ease migration and give any robust machine multiple personalities. Here’s what you need to know to take full advantage.

A Virtual Shootout

EMC's virtual machine software edges out Microsoft's in overall features.

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