Storage Virtualization

The Twilight Zone of Storage

The numbers being tossed around by storage analysts are not adding up in this weirdest of dimensions.

Feds Learn About Shifting to Software-Defined Networking

Move to SDN said inevitable in new world of mobility, social, Big Data and cloud computing.

How To Configure VMDirectPath HBA in vSphere

On the rare instance you'll need exclusive access to a PCI device, you can isolate it via VMDirectPath HBA.

Next-Generation HP XP7 Storage Now Available

Through a combination of virtualized technologies, HP XP7 Storage purports to provide six 9s of uptime, providing customers with constant access and continuous disaster recovery protection.

SteelFusion 3.0 Centralizes Data, Improves Performance for Remote Offices

Riverbed's latest converged infrastructure appliance fuses branch servers, storage, networking, and virtualization infrastructure into a single solution.

Software-Defined Storage Survey: Small Role for Flash Devices

A new survey of software-defined storage users that shows a surprisingly slow uptake of flash-based devices such as solid-state drives.

Big Data Virtualization Coming from SAS

SAS this week announced Big Data virtualization capabilities will be part of upcoming enhancements to its data management software.

SSD Smart Attributes with vSphere

What's so smart about SSDs? Plenty. Here's what you need to know when deploying them in your VMware virtualization practice.

NetApp Storage Systems Put Control Back in the Enterprise

FAS8000 Series includes FlexArray virtualization software that can put control of scale-out storage back in the hands of enterprises.

Storage/File Sharing Options That are Cloud-, Enterprise-Friendly

Free storage and file sharing tools abound in the cloud, but not very many are enterprise-friendly. Cubby Enterprise and ownCloud are two that IT can get behind.

New Option in Storage: VMware's vSAN Debuts

Virtual SAN pricing, editions now available and comes with Virtual Distributed Switch.

Firmware, BIOS Updates: Your First Step To Upgrading Windows Server 2012 R2

It's always a good idea to make sure your hardware firmware and BIOS is updated prior to a major undertaking such as upgrading a server for hypervisor work. Besides, it's not that hard to do in the first place.

TwinStrata Lets You Use the Cloud for All Storage Needs

New TwinStrata CloudArray version supports NFS versions 3 and 4, file sharing, secure bulk upload to the cloud, and cloud-to-cloud migration.

Certified for vSAN: Ecosystem Building Around VMware Storage

No vSAN yet, but companies back the software-defined storage solution.

Dell Targets VDI Cost Reductions

Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspace can be targeted for deployments as small as 10 seats and upwards of thousands, for as little as $250 per seat.