Storage Virtualization

Review: Veeam Backup & Replication 5 Living Up to the Hype

Veeam's latest streamlines processes and shines in vSphere environments.

What Virtualization Vendors Have on Storage Tiering

What VMware, Dell, NetApp and DataCore are doing to add support for tiered storage in their offerings.

Dell To Invest $1 Billion in Cloud

Dell today said it is investing $1 billion in cloud computing under a two-year plan to build out datacenters that will let customers subscribe to virtualized compute infrastructure and storage.

Building a VDI Environment on Shared Storage

Storage is at the heart of the problems some companies have in deploying VDI.

Andres Rodriguez Plays Corporate Judo with Your Data

Nasuni CEO Andres Rodriguez believes he can handle the large data problem by leveraging the endless capacity of the cloud.

Storage Problems and Proposed Solutions

Storage presents a lot of problems. It's expensive, it accumulates in all kinds of places where you can't find it, it's a hassle to move from point A to point B and it isn't always compatible from one vendor to the next.

Creating a Virtualization Service Catalog

All too often, organizations function without a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the face of stringent expectations. To Add Storage, Virtualization and Web Hosting Services

Government agencies will soon have access to storage, virtualization and Web hosting applications via, the General Service Administration's cloud-based storefront, government officials said yesterday.

The Benefits of Server and Storage Integration

Vendor View: IT seeking to accommodate the proliferation of virtualization projects

Versatile Backup from Acronis

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server Virtual Edition is a cost-efficient addition to the IT arsenal.

Manage Virtual Storage in Hyper-V

Bolster provisioning and management with Virsto One.

Master Monitor

Keep an eye on all your systems with this one handy product.

A New Way to Back up Your Cloud-Based Web Services

Backupify provides daily and weekly backups.

Back in the U.S.S.R.

The memories of working in the IT industry in a post-Cold-War Russia remain vivid for Virsto CTO Alex Miroshnichenko.

VMFS Volume Extents Decision Factors

Planning your storage architecture in a VMware environment is one of the most critical design elements. Even more critical: sizing of VMFS datastores.