DH2i Packages SQL Server in the Cloud

Company debuts DxConsole, which provides application virtualization for SQL Server instances destined for the cloud.

DH2i has released DxConsole, which uses application virtualization to allow SQL Server instances to be set up on private clouds. The company said customers who use DxConsole can realize TCO cost reductions of about 50 percent or more over traditional implementations, with configuration and management time reduced significantly as well, due to the ability to install, consolidate and re-instantiate hosts as needed.

DxConsole uses what the company calls a "shared data" architecture that helps to control SQL Server sprawl. DxConsole does so through the ability to scale servers and storage as needed into private clouds. Application instances can then be stacked and moved between servers using DH2i's InstanceMobility technology.

DxConsole features instance-level virtualization, quick instance rehosting, centralized storage management and backup, and instance-level multisite disaster recovery support, among other features.

DxConsole is $8,500 per console. DH2i provides an online calculator for computing costs associated with implementiing the software.

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