VMware Accelerate Advisory Services Debuts

VMware unveiled VMware Accelerate Advisory Services, which provides custom methods to expedite IT and business transformation in several focused areas.

With the goal of enabling senior enterprise business and IT execs to enhance their knowledge of how the cloud can engender business value, VMware unveiled its VMware Accelerate Advisory Services, which is headed up by former CIOs, CTO and industry consultants.

Citing "years of work with hundreds of clients," VMware says that Accelerate provides for the first time custom methods to expedite IT and business transformation in several focused areas. One is meaningful measurement, which will enable top technical leaders to determine what key performance indicators are required to "quantify, measure and analyze the organization's journey to virtualization and cloud implementation," and combines that with a body of data to help benchmark performance relative to peers and industry bests.

The market perspective component of the new organization is based on direct learning gained from VMware global deployments, as well as the company's "deep ecosystem" of over 50,000 partners. According to VMware, "Accelerate provides context and helps define how and why IT is leading the way in defining this type of business transformation."

Actionable strategy is designed to help CIOs and other tech leaders focus more on business, rather than technology issues, by connecting the critical points needed to help IT truly affect business value across organizations.

VMware also announced its acquisition of certain assets of Info Tech Health Check that will complement Accelerate. The benefits of this deal start with 3,500 metrics, "building a view that includes multiple perspectives which enable an exercise that is relevant and focused." Other benefits include the inclusion of 20 industries -- which enables users to gain understanding of a broader set of comparisons across organizations and functional peers -- and data coverage of four key geographics, which is expected to provide insight on international business operations and challenges.

VMware Accelerate Advisory Services are immediately available throughout North America, the U.K., France, Germany, China, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia. The services will be more widely available in Europe and Asia during the second half of 2012.

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