Big Data Virtualization Coming from SAS

SAS this week announced Big Data virtualization capabilities will be part of upcoming enhancements to its data management software.

SAS Federation Server is expected to ship this quarter with new Big Data virtualization functionality supporting access to Big Data stores on Hadoop, SAP HANA, Oracle, DB2 and other sources. Big Data virtualization creates visual representations of heterogeneous, disparate data sources without actually having to manage or copy the original data.

"This data-as-a-service approach provides easily consumable access to shared, secure enterprise data to speed and simplify data preparation," SAS said. Security has also been improved, with better data masking and data governance capabilities to manage policies and access and restrictions to data.

SAS Federation Server, currently at version 3.2, works with the company's Master Data Management software, designed to access data in disparate systems, combining it with matching and cleansing operations and using a consolidated hub to present the integrated data.

Master Data Management has already been upgraded and now features embedded data quality, an enhanced UI and pervasive data governance designed to enhance cooperation between business and IT teams.

SAS emphasized the increased benefits of using Federation Server with Master Data Management. "Data federation, or data virtualization, technologies provide the ability to view data from multiple sources through an integrated, virtual data view," SAS said. "While the data remains stored in original sources, multiple systems can 'see' integrated data that appears as a single view. Organizations often implement [Master Data Management] and data federation technologies in isolation, without regard to the potential power of using them in tandem."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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