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You Spent How Much on Data Protection?

In my Sept. 28 blog, I wrote about "several depressing facts" associated with the then upcoming VMware Data Protection Report 2010, which was commissioned and written by Veeam, and responded to by 500 CIOs. (VMware played no role in the report.) Among those depressing facts:

  • 63 percent of enterprises experience problems every month when attempting to recover a server.
  • Recovery of a backed up VM takes nearly five hours.
  • Failed recoveries cost the average enterprise more than $400,000 per year.

Now that Veeam has released the full survey, there are more revealing results, i.e. 44 percent of respondents reported that issues related to backup and recovery prevented them from virtualizing some mission-critical workloads. In fact, the survey found that on average, only 68 percent of production-level virtual estates are currently backed up, and only 29 percent of enterprises back up their entire virtual estates. Veeam qualifies those numbers by noting, "This may not be an immediate cause for concern, as even in the physical IT environment, not all data is backed up. Naturally, the research highlighted how businesses applied stronger processes to backing up critical servers over non-critical (both virtual and physical)."

Veeam goes on to note that given the cost and resource efficiency of VMs in areas such as hardware and storage, it's important to protect all data whether it's mission-critical or not.

The report is filled with a lot of interesting data protection information pertaining to subjects such as the use of a single product for backing up both physical and virtual assets, complicated restore methods, meeting the need for data protection in tight budgetary situations, the shortage of backup testing, and long recovery times. You can sign up for a free copy at

Of course, at the end of the report, Veeam takes the opportunity to extol the virtues of its vPower technology, which is the force behind Veeam Backup and Replication 5.0.

All in all, the VMware Data Protection Report 2010 a slick, well-executed marketing package for Veeam--how can you argue against protecting data?--and a worthwhile educational opportunity for organizations, who can ingest a lot of interesting information and consider its worth to them, knowing that it is presented in a format that is dedicated, however subtly, to promoting the greater commercial success of Veeam.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 11/16/2010 at 12:48 PM


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