Injecting Network Issues Using VMware Workstation

Tom continues to investigate how various OSes running the Horizon client react when network conditions are less than ideal, for example, when networks drop packets, have limited bandwidth and/or experience latency issues.

Thin Clients as VMs on an Intel NUC 13 Pro

Tom tries operating systems not on VMware's guest OS compatibility list, finding some work to varying degrees, some not at all.

Installing and Running VMware Workstation 17 Pro on a NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition

Tom Fenton investigates performance differences between virtual and physical machines.

How Performant Is the NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition?

Tom Fenton pops off the bottom of the device to look at its innards, powers it up and runs some benchmarks.

NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition Mini PC: More than a 'SHOWPONY'

With an i7-1360P processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 512 NVMe device for storage, it should handle the most demanding home and office workloads.

Living Up to the Software-Defined Storage Hype

ioFABRIC's Vicinity passes its test run with flying colors.

6 Cool VMworld 2016 Vendors

Companies on the cutting edge of virtualization.

OCZ NVMe z-Drives: A Review

Superfast SSD.

VMware Access Point: Better Security for VDI

The virtual appliance improves on View Security Server.

Dell EqualLogic OS 8.0 with vSphere Virtual Volumes

A wide range of storage arrays have been made available with the release.

Data Storage Startup Provides Real-Time Analytics on Billions of Files

This first look shows how powerful Qumulo Core is.

A First Look at the HP StoreServ Management Console

Efficient and easy block and file storage.

What's New in VMware vSphere and vCenter 5.1

There's usually little enthusiasm for .1 releases. But this point release is not to be ignored, as it's packed with some important features.

Bocada Vision Maximizes Management

Bocada Vision is designed to collect and manage backup information across multiple VMware servers, supporting a variety of backup programs, including VMware's vCenter.

View 5.1 Ups the Ante

VMware View 5.1 offers a multitude of new features that enhance the virtual desktop infrastructure user experience.

Dealing with VM Sprawl? VMTurbo Is Worth Working For

Although a little cranky to get going, it packs a performance punch.

ILIO Enables VDI at a 10X Performance Hike

The Atlantis Computing system saves lots of storage space.

V-Commander Takes Charge of Private Clouds

Embotics combines all the bells and whistles in one slick, easy-to-use private cloud package.

Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops That Work

The Desktone Cloud system gives admins full control of virtualized desktops, even in the cloud.

MokaFive Suite's Latest Lightens Admins' VDI Workloads

MokaFive Suite Release 3 BareMetal offers the unusual ability to update all workstations from a single image, while still allowing users to customize their systems.

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