Desktop Virtualization

Baseline Performance Testing the SimplyNUC Moonstone Mini-PC

In part 2 of his series, Tom benchmarks the device to have a baseline to compare the virtual machines he will run on it after installing VMware Workstation.

Running VMware Workstation on a Monster Mini-PC

Tom gets his hands on SimplyNUC's most powerful AMD-powered mini-PC, the Moonstone, sticks Workstation on it and declares: "This thing is a beast in a very small package."

TerraMaster F2-212 Personal Cloud NAS, Part 4: Performance Testing

Tom does parallel testing of iSCSI and NFS, along with testing NFS SSD VMs, iSCSI SSD VMs, multimedia performance and more.

Blue Circuit Board Graphic

TerraMaster F2-212: A Low-Cost Home and Lab Personal Cloud Solution

Tom checks its suitability for the mass storage and protection of his home and lab files and data.

Running ESXi on an ACEMAGIC AD15 Mini PC

After previous benchmarking tests, Tom attempts to install and run a bare-metal hypervisor on the low-priced, small form-factor PC.

Running VMware Workstation on a Low-Cost Mini PC

Tom installs Workstation on an ACEMAGIC AD15 Mini PC to benchmark its performance running a small and large Windows 10 VM.

Performance Testing the ACEMAGIC AD15

Tom puts the small form-factor device through its paces to see what type of workload it is best suited for.

How to Pass Host Hardware Information to a VMware Workstation VM

There are various reasons why you may want to reflect the actual hardware the VM is running on rather than as a VM; by adding these three lines to the VMware configuration file, you can easily reflect this.

How to Autostart VMware Workstation VMs

Tom explores Autostart on Workstation Pro 17 to avoid multiple manual virtual machine restarts upon an automatic reboot of Windows 11.

Injecting Network Issues Using VMware Workstation

Tom continues to investigate how various OSes running the Horizon client react when network conditions are less than ideal, for example, when networks drop packets, have limited bandwidth and/or experience latency issues.

Thin Clients as VMs on an Intel NUC 13 Pro

Tom tries operating systems not on VMware's guest OS compatibility list, finding some work to varying degrees, some not at all.

Installing and Running VMware Workstation 17 Pro on a NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition

Tom Fenton investigates performance differences between virtual and physical machines.

NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition Mini PC: More than a 'SHOWPONY'

With an i7-1360P processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 512 NVMe device for storage, it should handle the most demanding home and office workloads.

Take Five with Tom Fenton: My VMware Horizon Session Picks for Explore 2023

Sessions are divided into five tracks: Vision & Innovation, Cloud & Edge Infrastructure, Modern Applications & Cloud Management, Networking & Security and Hybrid Workforce.

Hands-On with a Windows IoT Device

Tom Fenton finds that Windows IoT Enterprise works fine as a base OS to run a thin client used to connect to a VDI desktop and a local desktop using RDP.

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