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  • SD-WAN Use Cases: Top Use Cases in Deployment Today

    Learn more about the 5 most common use cases for SD-WAN.

  • SD-WAN for Enterprises for Dummies

    Traditional enterprise WAN architectures are complex, inefficient, and expensive. Read more about how SD-WAN can help.

  • The Economics of Infrastructure Scalability

    Read this eBook to learn how you can leverage cloud economics and determine the right scalability strategy for your business.

  • The Enterprise guide to Scaling on Demand

    Organizations are challenged to meet unexpected spikes in traffic without sacrificing the delivery of goods and services. With VMware Cloud™ on AWS, your business can take advantage of a hybrid cloud solution that can customize your capacity in the public cloud. Download this eBook to learn how to make scalability from the data center to the cloud a key differentiator for your organization.

  • How 3 Leading Organizations Took the Fast Path to Cloud

    See how three leading organizations (Trend Micro, Stagecoach, Black Mountain) used VMware Cloud on AWS to address common cloud migration challenges in order to sale on demand, meet best practices for operational consistency, get workloads into production fast, and migrate ahead of schedule.

  • The Enterprise Guide to Migrating to the Cloud

    Download this eBook to explore the historical shifts driving cloud migration, the migration challenges enterprises face and how an effective hybrid cloud infrastructure can eliminate many of these obstacles.

  • Windows 10 Modern Endpoint Management Made Simple

    The Windows 10 operating system introduces major changes, with built-in mobile management APIs, more frequent cloud updates, modern apps, and more. These changes open up opportunities for cloud-based, modern management of enterprise endpoints at scale, similar to what organizations have done for many years for their mobile device deployments. Instituting modern management is one of the ways many organizations can overcome their constant struggle today to keep up with operating system upgrades, security patches, and configurations for their desktop PC users. In this white paper you’ll learn what to take into account to ensure a smooth transition to modern management with Windows 10. 

  • Office 365 Data Protection

    Microsoft’s service level agreement for Office 365 guarantees uptime for its cloud service applications, which many businesses depend on to run. But what if data from these applications is lost? This whitepaper will cover the necessity of an Office 365 backup plan, who is responsible for lost data, and how OffsiteDataSync and Veeam can help.

  • Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service: Finding the Right Solution from the Right Partner

    Having a disaster recovery plan in place for your business is no longer optional. Hardware failures, power outages, and cyberattacks can cripple a business when data is lost. But what exactly would a disaster recovery solution look like for you? The thought leaders at OffsiteDataSync and Veeam have put together this whitepaper, walking you through your options for setting up this critical recovery plan.

  • Putting Disaster Recovery to the Test

    Now that your DR plan is in place, how do you know it works? This ebook from the thought leaders at OffsiteDataSync and Veeam will cover how to test your disaster recovery plan before an actual disaster strikes, how to determine what to test, and more.

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