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  • The Economics of Virtual Networking

    Virtualizing the network is an essential step in moving from a hardwired, hardware-centric IT infrastructure to software-defined data centers. Download this guide to understand the dollars and cents reasons that make virtual networking a wise investment.

  • Service Mesh for Dummies

    Running Kubernetes? Explore service mesh to simplify the process of connecting, protecting, and monitoring your microservices. A service mesh is an abstraction layer that takes care of service-to-service communications, observability, and resiliency in modern, cloud-native applications. In the Service Mesh Dummies Guide You’ll Learn: how a service mesh can help you accelerate modern app development in your organization; how to address new service mesh challenges; service mesh capabilities and traffic management use cases.

  • Network Automation for Dummies

    Digital organizations are moving fast and expect infrastructure changes to happen equally as fast. The only way to keep up with the rate of change with consistency and predictability is to automate network operations. In the Network Automation Dummies Guide, you’ll learn: the benefits of applying a network and security virtualization model across your entire network to easily automate manual tasks; how to accelerate provisioning with consistent networking and security across applications, environments, and clouds; a clearer picture of the network automation landscape, tools, and more; and the 10 ways to get started with network automation.

  • Network Virtualization for Dummies, 2nd VMware Special Edition

    Is your network keeping up with the pace of the business? Being first to market and exceeding customers' expectations are keys to success in today's environment. You can't afford a network that can't keep up with the demands for cloud-hosted, distributed apps, and the increasing threats of cybercriminals. To get the speed and agility you need, you need to modernize your network. Download "Network Virtualization For Dummies" to learn the new approach to networking.

  • SANS: Knock, Knock: Is This Security Thing Working?

    See how enterprises are rethinking their security strategy by focusing on Intrinsic Security. You will learn: why enterprises continue to get breached, despite significant spending on security; why Intrinsic Security mitigates enterprises’ security challenges.

  • 9 Mission-Critical Steps to Prep for an IT Move

    When you move your organization to a cloud or managed IT services provider, you need to protect your business IT operations and data assets. Follow these 9 mission-critical steps for a safe move.

  • 5 Best Practices: Preparing Your eCommerce Site for Peak Traffic Success

    Cybersecurity and website performance tips based on data from Cloudflare’s global network. 2019’s Cyber Weekend - the eCommerce hotspot running from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday - was both historically profitable and uniquely fraught with risk. We analyzed data from the Cloudflare network and the global eCommerce market to identify key trends and learnings.

  • The Economics of Infrastructure Scalability

    Read this eBook to learn how you can leverage cloud economics and determine the right scalability strategy for your business.

  • The Enterprise Guide to Scaling on Demand

    Organizations are challenged to meet unexpected spikes in traffic without sacrificing the delivery of goods and services. With VMware Cloud™ on AWS, your business can take advantage of a hybrid cloud solution that can customize your capacity in the public cloud. Download this eBook to learn how to make scalability from the data center to the cloud a key differentiator for your organization.

  • 4 Reasons to Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud

    As organizations expand their operations regionally or even globally to keep up with rising demand, IT infrastructure teams face increasing pressures to support this growth. Many are turning to the public cloud as it provides the ability to seamlessly expand operations while maintaining economies of scale. And, 93 percent of IT respondents are committed to a hybrid cloud strategy. (Enterprise Strategy Group. "Hybrid Cloud Trends Survey." March 2019.) With VMware Cloud™ on AWS, enterprises worldwide can take advantage of footprint expansion to move into new geographies or deliver new projects and leverage on-demand capacity for unplanned surges in usage—all while driving innovation through the development of hybrid applications and effective test and development environments.

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