A Recap of EUC Unplugged 2024

Tom recaps an end-user computing conference heavy on the tech (no sales) featuring "choose your own adventure" and what to pack for bug-out bags for tech emergencies.

IBM Jumps on AI Copilot Bandwagon with 'Runway' Initiative

IBM is jumping on the Copilot AI assistant bandwagon popularized by Microsoft with a new IBM Copilot Runway initiative.

OpenAI Reveals Internal Rules for ChatGPT: 'Don't Try to Change Anyone's Mind'

OpenAI is working on a Model Spec document that specifies desired behavior for its models in its API and ChatGPT.

'The Prompt Box Is the New Blank Page' -- What's Coming for Microsoft 365 Copilot

In announcing its fourth annual Work Trend Index report yesterday, Microsoft teased AI features coming up for Microsoft 365, its cloud-based productivity suite.

State of AI at Work: AI-Hungry Power Users 'Won't Wait'

Microsoft published a 2024 Work Trend Index delving into the "state of AI at work," finding that many employees are increasingly hungry for AI tools and won't wait for their employers to provide them.

'Big 3' Dominate Cloud AI Developer Services Research Report

New Gartner research on providers of cloud AI developer services shows the usual cast of characters leading the pack.

Cloud Security Alliance Offers AI Implementation Guidance

During this week's RSA Conference, the CSA announced new guidance for organizations to successfully implement AI, with recommendations focusing on security and compliance.

Embattled Broadcom Quick to Deny VMware Cloud Leaving AWS

"We are acting quickly to correct this misinformation because, as Winston Churchill correctly said, 'A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.' "

Knowledge Cutoff Dates and Internet Search Abilities of Top Online AI Models

Frustrated by outdated info? Here's a roundup of the knowledge cutoff dates and internet search abilities of some top freely available online AI sites.

Deploying the AWS Tools for PowerShell

Brien Posey explains how to use the AWS Tools for PowerShell to make AWS services accessible through the PowerShell interface, providing extra capabilities.

Rubrik Data Security Report: Ransomware Still Wreaks Havoc, Especially in Healthcare

Earlier predictions of a decline in ransomware attacks have not borne out and organizations in the healthcare sector -- where sensitive data abounds -- are being hit particularly hard, according to a new report from Zero Trust data security specialist Rubrik.

Windows Server 2025 Is (Almost) Here

Many more new features than last release, explained in detail by Paul Schnackenburg: "Maybe Microsoft has realized that not everything is in the cloud, and giving attention to Server is important."

Top Trends in Data & AI/Analytics for 2024

Two new survey-based reports from a cloud giant and a research firm each list trends for Data and AI/analytics in 2024, finding some commonalities such as the democratization of AI, the need for data literacy and more.

LLMs vs SLMs: When to Go Big or Small in Enterprise AI

So what is possible with small language models, and when should an organization go big or small?

Remember the Metaverse? Now It's 'AI and the Metaverse'

In Meta's recent quarterly earnings reports, CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the company's huge investments into the technologies while only mentioning the metaverse in the context of AI. answers your questions about what's going on.

Cloud Giant AI Models: Microsoft Goes Small with Phi-3-Mini, AWS Goes Big with Meta's Llama 3

Cloud giants continue to up their AI games, with brand-new developments including a tiny language model suitable for a phone from Microsoft, while Amazon's Bedrock AI service now sports Meta's Llama 3 models and much more.

Broadcom Announces Changes amid VMware Brouhaha, Critics Aren't Buying It

Broadcom is still dealing with widespread backlash over changes -- many affecting licensing -- made to VMware products after its acquisition of that company, but some critics and users met recent announcements with skepticism and derision.

Nutanix Study: Healthcare Sector Sees AI as Both Priority and Challenge

Like many other industry sectors, healthcare execs see advanced AI as kind of a double-edged sword, being a top priority while also a significant challenge.

Meta's Llama 3 Cracks Top 5 of AI Leaderboard, Only Non-Proprietary Model

Reported high performance of the open model is rare, as the generative AI space has been dominated by proprietary models that typically outperform open-source models,

New Open Source AI & Data Platform Aims to Democratize GenAI Tech

A new AI/data platform stemming from open source champion Linux Foundation has been launched, yet another effort to "democratize" AI tech.

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