Desktop Virtualization

  • Quick Tip: Starting the VMware Horizon Client from the Command Line

    VMware makes it possible to launch the Horizon client from the command line and specify the desired screen resolution.

  • Installing MMR on IGEL OS

    Multimedia redirection can greatly increase the number of virtual desktops your VDI hosts can accommodate and lower the cost of your VDI environment.

  • Why Is Multimedia Redirection (MMR) So Important?

    Using MMR, a Unified Communications program runs on the VDI device instead of the ESXI host, increasing the guest density of the host and thus reducing the cost of running each virtual desktop.

  • Hands on with VMware Horizon 8 Version 2106

    After earlier detailing what's new in two Horizon updates, Tom Fenton takes a look at some of the changes included in v2106.

  • What's New in VMware Horizon 8 v2106 & v2103

    Tom Fenton highlights new features and functionality in the secure, multi-cloud desktop and app virtualization platform.

  • ControlUp 8.2 Part 2: Working with Horizon-Published Apps

    After discussing the web-based end-user computing monitoring tool SOLVE in part 1 of this series, Tom Fenton turns his attention to Horizon-published applications.

  • Hands On with ControlUp Version 8.2

    Tom Fenton looks at some of new features included with this release, the biggest and most visible of which is ControlUp SOLVE, a web-based monitoring tool for end user computer environments.

  • Hands on with VMware Horizon 8 (2012)

    After covering some of the new features and changes in the connection server and clients with version 2012 of the desktop and app virtualization product, Tom Fenton updates his environment and takes a closer look at changes.

  • What's New in VMware Horizon 8 Version 2012

    Tom Fenton explains some of the new features and changes in the connection server and clients with version 2012 of the desktop and app virtualization product.

  • Using RDSH with Horizon

    Tom Fenton enables a Windows server to stream applications, configures VMware Horizon to broker these applications to specific users and shows how to monitor streaming applications.

  • Using Windows 10 Multiple Desktops

    Tom Fenton believes that multiple desktops will increase your productivity and decrease the clutter on your desktop as it allows you to group your desktops by different workflows.

  • What's New in VMware Horizon 7 Version 7.11, CART 5.3 and DEM 9.10

    This release of VMware's virtual desktop infrastructure software is huge, says our local VMware expert Tom Fenton, who details the new offering here and explains how VMware is going all in with their HTML5-based Horizon Console and is giving a definitive deadline for the retirement of their Flash-based Horizon.

  • First Look: Hands-On with Windows Terminal

    Tom Fenton goes under the hood of Windows Terminal (currently only available in Preview Mode).

  • How To Install and Use NetropyVE

    The software version of the WAN emulator hardware appliance Netropy is installed as a virtual appliance on vSphere, has a GUI interface, and can inject jitter, latency, and packet loss into a network stream. Here's how to get started.

  • Yellow Sky Graphic

    Hands on with VMware Horizon 7 Version 7.9 and CART 5.1

    Tom Fenton takes the new release for a spin to look at the new and enahnced features, along with what's missing from making it completely comparable to Horizon Administrator.

  • Drilling Down on PCoIP Settings on VMware Horizon 7.7

    Using the pcoip.admx file, you can change the behavior of your PCoIP connection between a virtual desktop and a VDI client.

  • The Dell UltraSharp U3219Q Monitor with Built-in KVM Switch

    With enough real estate to work with multiple documents, you can attach multiple different computers and VDI clients, as well as wireless and wired keyboards and mice with no issues.

  • The Dell U3818DW Monitor with Built-in KVM Switch

    If you work with multiple computers and you're looking to declutter your desktop, you might want to investigate using a monitor like Dell's 38-inch curved display.