Cloud Computing

Cisco Makes Bid for Cloupia

Cisco grows its cloud portfolio with another big buy on the infrastructure management side.

Cloud Foundry Gets To The Core

The open source platform now has a framework for developers building portable apps on PaaS-based clouds.

Cloud Q&A: Metalogix's SharePoint Tool Cloud-Ready from the Start

Product Marketing Manager Dr. Steve Marsh explains to Doug Barney that the transition from on-premise to the cloud is easy when the cloud is already part of the plan all along. Third in a series.

How To Implement Bandwidth-Efficient Automated User Backups with XenClient

Backups can be resource-savvy if you plug in the right mix of settings in XenClient. Here's how.

VMware Wields Many Cloud Weapons

If VMware wants to grow, it might look at using its weapons against its competition as well as partners. The company would be crazy not to have thought about it.

VMware's GemFire 7.0 Gets Better in the Cloud

New version has improved caching, and a new dashboard for performance monitoring.

6 Questions for Cloud Services Providers

Are you going to the cloud? If so, these questions will help you.

New Company, Same Energy: Q&A with Jeff McNaught, Dell's New Cloud Guy

When Dell Inc. acquired Wyse it became an end-to-end virtualization leader overnight, and Jeff McNaught is out to spread the word.

Microsoft Bolsters Azure Storage with StorSimple Buy

Microsoft may use StorSimple to add public cloud services to storage tier of enterprise networks.

SAP Weaves HANA into Cloud Offerings

CRM maker takes its in-memory database and weaves it into other cloud-based offerings.

IBM Makes PaaS at Big Data

Big Blue sees big data as a driver for customers to take on its PaaS solutions.

Box Extends Enterprise Push with Added Security and Content Pacts

Box is looking to break out of the box, so to speak, as it continues its push to offer an alternative to traditional document sharing and collaboration.

Cloud Q&A: Acronis Speeds Up Backups in the Cloud

Doug Barney talks with the BDR provider on the time-saving benefits that customers realize when using its cloud-based tool. Second in a series.

IBM and AT&T Team to Offer Enterprise Cloud Service

Both companies hope new solution will allay enterprises' cloud adoption fears in regards to security, control issues..

Oracle's Focus is on Cloud at OpenWorld

Cloud computing is the focus of everything Oracle is talking about now, with evidence aplenty right from the start of this week's OpenWorld confab.

Cloud Q&A: Symantec Takes Archiving to the Cloud

Doug Barney talks to Symantec's senior manager of product marketing Amy Dugdale on making the move to the cloud with one of its key products.

Security, Compliance To Be Tested in Nasdaq's Public Cloud

Compliance and security measures will be battle-tested as Nasdaq puts its financial services public cloud online.

OpenStack Declares Independence

Rackspace handed off OpenStack to an independent foundation with its own governance body.

Salesforce Beats Social Drum at Dreamforce

The confab draws record numbers this year as Salesforce CEO Benioff plays up social angle for upcoming product lines.

My Own Private Cloud, Part 2: Software Options

Last time, we looked at the hardware I chose to build my cloud; this time, we'll look at the software that runs it.

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