As VMware Competitors Circle, Broadcom Makes New Partners

VMware competitors have been quick to position themselves as alternatives amid the licensing/pricing upheaval following its acquisition by Broadcom, but the latter company has been busy fighting back with distribution deals of its own.

Amid 'Apple Intelligence' Hype, Windows Server 2025 Banks on NVIDIA AI

Days before big Apple AI reveal, Microsoft reminded everyone that its early partnerships with companies like OpenAI and NVIDIA have given it an AI head start in offerings like Windows Server 2025.

A Free Enterprise OS with 10 Years of Support

Tom reviews Ubuntu.

CloudBolt Paper Examines 'VMware Acquisition Aftermath'

CloudBolt published a whitepaper examining the aftermath of Broadcom's acquisition of VMware last year, finding concerns and disruptions among surveyed organizations.

Raspberry Pi Goes AI

Generative AI was married with Raspberry Pi soon after the whole craze started, but now it's official.

Creating an AWS Route 53 DNS Firewall

Brien Posey provides step-by-step instructions for creating a firewall to prevent or allow specific DNS queries.

Veeam Publishes Ransomware Trends Report, Debuts 'Data Cloud Vault'

Ransomware specialist Veeam Software announced a new cloud storage service to securely store backup data off-site in an always-immutable and encrypted format, just as the firm published a new ransomware trends report.

Using VMware's Free Desktop Hypervisor, Workstation Pro

Tom tests the desktop hypervisor recently made free for personal use to students, hobbyists and casual users who want to run multiple OSes on a single computer.

After AWS Licensing Tiff, Broadcom Strengthens VMware/Azure Cloud Ties

Shortly after rumors of a tiff with AWS, Broadcom has strengthened its VMware ties with rival cloud giant Microsoft Azure, with the companies yesterday announcing plans to support VMware Cloud Foundation subscriptions on Azure VMware Solution.

Downloading and Installing VMware's Free Desktop Hypervisor

Tom steps through the process of downloading, installing and licensing Workstation Pro 17 on his personal laptop.

AI Jobs Barometer: How Much Do AI Skills Bump Your Pay?

The PwC 2024 AI Jobs Barometer report analyzes over half a billion job ads to reveal the transformative impact of AI on job growth, skills demand, wage premiums and productivity across various sectors.

VMware Announces Two Free Desktop Hypervisors

Tom Fenton explains how this is huge news for the tens of thousands of students, hobbyists and casual users who would like to run multiple instances of OSes on a single computer.

New Copilot+ PCs Leverage Azure LLMs and Built-In SLMs

Microsoft extended its small language model (SLM) technology along with cloud-based large language models (LLMs) to the device level with the introduction of Copilot+ PCs, which leverage powerful processors and multiple state-of-the-art AI models.

Google I/O 2024: New Gemini/Gemma Models for Google Cloud's Vertex AI

As expected, the kickoff of Google I/O 2024 was heavy on the AI, with new updates for the company's cloud-based Vertex AI service leading a slew of day 1 announcements centered around generative AI.

A Recap of EUC Unplugged 2024

Tom recaps an end-user computing conference heavy on the tech (no sales) featuring "choose your own adventure" and what to pack for bug-out bags for tech emergencies.

IBM Jumps on AI Copilot Bandwagon with 'Runway' Initiative

IBM is jumping on the Copilot AI assistant bandwagon popularized by Microsoft with a new IBM Copilot Runway initiative.

OpenAI Reveals Internal Rules for ChatGPT: 'Don't Try to Change Anyone's Mind'

OpenAI is working on a Model Spec document that specifies desired behavior for its models in its API and ChatGPT.

'The Prompt Box Is the New Blank Page' -- What's Coming for Microsoft 365 Copilot

In announcing its fourth annual Work Trend Index report yesterday, Microsoft teased AI features coming up for Microsoft 365, its cloud-based productivity suite.

State of AI at Work: AI-Hungry Power Users 'Won't Wait'

Microsoft published a 2024 Work Trend Index delving into the "state of AI at work," finding that many employees are increasingly hungry for AI tools and won't wait for their employers to provide them.

'Big 3' Dominate Cloud AI Developer Services Research Report

New Gartner research on providers of cloud AI developer services shows the usual cast of characters leading the pack.

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