How Usable Is a Sub-$100 Windows PC?

Tom seeks a usable low-cost PC that isn't "cheap."

Fleeing Data Protection Pros Compound Ransomware Worries: Survey

Ransomware is still plaguing IT -- it's still the No. 1 cause of outages -- but dissatisfied data protection pros seeking new jobs present a new concern, a new survey-based report indicates.

Microsoft Boosts Copilot for Orgs, Offers Pro Plan for Individuals

Microsoft announced a new Copilot Pro subscription for its AI-powered assistants that targets individuals, while at the same time expanding its Copilot offerings for organizations.

Research Assistants Lead New 'GPT Store' Offerings, but Theft Mars Debut

Research assistants dominate trending community offerings in OpenAI's new GPT Store, but theft/hijacking/plagiarism is already a problem on day one.

Ransomware in 2024: Fileless, Double Extortion, AI and More

Along with "traditional" ransomware attacks, the threat actors are continually upgrading their game with new approaches, technology and techniques. Here's what organizations need to know.

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Big NVIDIA Generative AI Push Led by GPUs, 'AI Workbench' Dev Tooling

NVIDIA, already seen by many as the leader in processors and other PC hardware/software for AI, unveiled a big new generative AI push that includes new GPUs, developer tools and more.

A Look at Microsoft's Secure Future Initiative

Paul Schnackenburg looks at what SFI is, how it compares with Bill Gates's Trustworthy Computing Initiative (TwC) memo from 20 years ago, what Microsoft is doing technically behind the scenes, what's missing from the SFI and why he thinks Microsoft missed the mark on what really should have been the "Secure Culture Initiative."

Enabling DNS Over HTTPS for Route 53 Resolver Endpoints

Brien Posey explains the advantages and potential disadvantages of using DNS over HTTPS.

Web Site Testing Using a No-Cost, Open-Source Tool

Tom Fenton puts Selenium through its web site testing paces.

Microsoft Only Cloud Giant 'Leader' in AI Governance Research Report

In fact, among the largest general cloud computing platforms, IBM is the only other player covered in the "IDC MarketScape: Worldwide AI Governance Platforms 2023 Vendor Assessment," with fellow hyperscalers AWS and Google Cloud Platform not included.

Performance of VMware Workstation 17 VMs on a SimplyNUC Mini-PC

In his final series article, Tom puts the nifty little device through all its VDI paces -- and likes what he sees.

Google's Vertex AI Platform Gets Brand-New Gemini Pro LLM Tech

Fresh on the heels of Google unveiling Gemini, its "largest and most capable AI model," the company announced the advanced tech is now available on its Vertex AI platform.

Installing and Running VMware Workstation 17 on a Mini-PC

In part 3 of his series on the SimplyNUC Moonstone mini-PC, Tom installs VMware Workstation on the device and runs and benchmarks the performance of a small and large Windows 10 VM.

New Ammo for Cloud Giant Wars: AI Chips

The neverending wars among the cloud giants for computing supremacy are now being fought with a new weapon: specialized chips for AI.

Baseline Performance Testing the SimplyNUC Moonstone Mini-PC

In part 2 of his series, Tom benchmarks the device to have a baseline to compare the virtual machines he will run on it after installing VMware Workstation.

How AI Works with Zero Trust to Secure the Cloud

New cloud research examines the interaction of advanced AI and the zero-trust cybersecurity approach.

Running VMware Workstation on a Monster Mini-PC

Tom gets his hands on SimplyNUC's most powerful AMD-powered mini-PC, the Moonstone, sticks Workstation on it and declares: "This thing is a beast in a very small package."

Microsoft Radius, Keda, Copa and Dapr

Paul discusses the new and established offerings and how they can work together to help developers and infrastructure folks deploy and manage applications at scale.

Updating an EC2 Windows Instance's Device Drivers

Bug fixes, security updates and feature updates are delivered through Windows Update, but if you are running Windows on an EC2 instance, then drivers need to be updated in a completely different way.

TerraMaster F2-212, Part 3: Low-Cost vSphere VM Backup Device

Tom pushes the personal cloud storage device beyond its intended use case to act as a repository for VMs while seeing if it can be used as shared storage for running VMs.

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